Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Summer Fun

The girls are loving our June activities so far! Yesterday we started "In the Sky" theme from our June calendar. For links to all of these activities please check out our June lesson.

The girls really enjoyed snacking on some "cups of sky"! (They are just blue jello layered with cool whip).

Reese continues to impress me with her math skills and she's not even 4.5 years old yet!

Their cloud snack this morning...

Today we made binoculars for our sense of sight and these were a big hit and super easy to make!

All you need is:
toilet paper rolls
duct tape
hole puncher

I just simply duct taped 2 rolls together until they were completely covered. Punched holes on each side and knotted off some string on the inside of the holes. 

 Reese spotted a lizard with her binoculars...


Kini said...

I just love your curriculum and how you have incorporated a snack into the theme and everything is so perfectly set out!
Such an awesome job!

Tonya said...

After all, kids love to eat!!! Thanks so much :)