Saturday, January 23, 2016

Our BOY!

My Christmas present is finally ready!!

All I wanted for Christmas was a boxer puppy! It was literally the only thing on my wish list to Cody. Cody was persistent that it was not happening and he wasn't ready after loosing Harley & Bailey over the past few years. Losing our boxers was very hard on all of us but I can not stand the empty house feel I have with no dog around. I needed another boxer to fill in that hole. Cody asked me to give him a real wish list and all I said was "That's what I want. Nothing else. I DO NOT want to open any technology...nothing that takes batteries or plugs in (i.e., no camera, laptop, phone, etc.).

On Christmas morning I opened a box (too small for a dog to be in). It was a laptop box. My heart sank. I looked at Cody with such disappointment...thinking "I told you I didn't want this." I continued to open the box and there was a laptop in the box (I just didn't know it was my actual laptop). I started asking questions like "where is the plug? where is the manual?". Cody told me to open the laptop and I did. Inside taped to the screen was the photo of the litter and on the keyboard was a note saying "Tonya, You will get one of Raven's boxer puppies in 3 weeks!!! Love, Cody"

I sat there and starred at the photo in shock. Literally did not react for a minute. Somehow...Cody pulled through AND he tricked me! When I stood up to hug him I started crying...I was SO happy and overcome with emotion in this bittersweet moment. We will never replace Harley & Bailey...they are forever in our hearts. I'm blessed to be able to open my heart again and love another sweet boxer. We will make wonderful memories that we can cherish forever!

Born December 9, 2015

Mother: RAVEN (her 1st litter; European & Champion Bloodline)
Sire: SEVEN (100% full European & Champion bloodline imported from Slovenia)

He was the biggest at birth! Hence, his Hunger Games litter name "Brutus".

1 Week Old:
2 Weeks Old: His eyes begin to open
The 1st time he made me laugh!
Week 3: He is walking, playing, barking, howling & growling! He is also introduced to puppy food!

At this point, we still did not know which puppy would be mine. While I was watching the live webcam I started laughing because "Brutus" was asleep with his head in the food bowl!
I took these screen shots and sent them to the breeder saying I was cracking up laughing! Little did I know...he would be our puppy! We went to meet him... twice... because I wanted to make sure he was the right one for our family. He was perfect for us! Smart, gentle, calm, & as laid back as a boxer can possibly be.

His breeder, Melissa, described him as:
-the most laid back, gentle, & sweet of them all
-playful, smart, calm, cuddly
-larger, more European head (vs. the American boxer)

While all his siblings were in the corner nursing from Raven, he was being a big boy and eating moistened puppy food!
Week 4: He is running, pouncing and he is starting to potty train!

His breeder said he is "doing sooo good with his potty training!" We watched him use his potty mat correctly twice when we went to meet him. He is a smart puppy!

Week 5: First day outside playing in the grass & exploring the world!

Week 6: He got his vaccines for Parvo/Distemper so he will be ready to come home! We also decided to have him microchipped at the same time. 

As soon as he was ready we headed to Melissa's to pick up our sweet boy!
Finally HOME!
Introducing our boy Remington! We will also call him "Remy". 

I'd like to explain his name. Ever since Cody & I were dating in college I fell in love with the name Remington! When we first got pregnant back in 2008, Remington was going to be our boy name. Well...4 GIRLS later, we never used it. We made a short list of possible dog names and Remington was on there along with some others. One day, I decided to look up the meaning of the name and my jaw dropped...

Remington means "from the Raven farm/estate". FROM RAVEN. His mom is RAVEN. I could not believe it. I was immediately overcome with emotion. This was truly meant to be! I immediately told Cody and he said "that has to be his name!" While reading more about the name meaning I stumbled across a "destiny number" of the name. The destiny number of the name Remington is 7! His sire is SEVEN. Seriously...what are the odds?! The one boy name I have loved for years happens to mean both Raven & Seven, which this little boy came from.

At that moment, everything fell into place and I could see the big picture. 
This litter, this boy, this was all meant to be!

He did great his first night home! He actually preferred to sleep in his own bed all night!

If you are seeking a boxer puppy, I highly recommend Melissa as a breeder. She believes her dogs are her pet first and does not breed them more than once a year. That means she does not constantly have puppies for sale. She has put a lot of time, research and money into a safe and healthy environment to aid in the healthiest start possible these puppies can have. She has a no touching policy until the puppies have been vaccinated at 6 weeks to protect the litter from parvo and giardia. Her puppies come with a health guarantee and a spay/neuter agreement. I was even able to watch the puppies almost daily on her live webcam! She has an application process to make sure her puppies are going to good homes. You can find more information on her page here: Penny's AKC Boxer Puppies *Please note I did not receive any compensation for this and all opinions are truly my own. 
Couldn't be any happier!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

Christmas at Meme & Granddad's House

The girls were surprised on December 23rd over breakfast with the news we were going to Meme & Granddad's house to spend the night! They were THRILLED and clueless I had already packed their bags the day before.

The could not wait to put out the magic reindeer food that Sprinkles the Elf left for them!

The 3 big girls had a sleepover with Meme in the "secret room" (aka: guest house) and woke up to find Sprinkles the Elf had flown all the way there to see them! She couldn't miss saying goodbye on Christmas Eve!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Scarlett is FOUR!!!!

Scarlett turned FOUR on December 27, 2015. I don't know when my little blond hair, brown-eyed girl got so big.

She woke up to a special birthday breakfast and LOVED us singing Happy Birthday to her!
She is truly a ray of sunshine!

After breakfast we surprised her with a Hello Kitty Bike!

She requested Costco pizza for lunch and then decided she wanted Broccoli Pizza!
She ate broccoli pizza!
For her birthday dessert, Scarlett requested Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt!

Birthday photos I took of her in her Paddington Bear outfit...

Scarlett Kate you are the most beautiful & loving little girl! You have me wrapped around your finger, know how to make my heart melt, and make me crack up laughing everyday! You have the biggest heart and most inquisitive mind! Never stop smiling sweet girl! We love you!!!!!