Friday, March 28, 2014

April PreK Lesson Plans

~Here is my April calendar~

*NOTE: all the material/links below are assigned to days on the calendar. Please take a look at my calendar to see how I break the material up. This can easily be altered to your own needs.

~Bible Stories~

The Servant King read-along
A Dark Night in the Garden read-along
The Sun Stops Shining read-along
God's Wonderful Surprise read-along
Going Home read-along

~Bible Songs~
Free As A Bee sing-along

~Chapel Music~
These are the 2 CD we use for our chapel music. The music is actually REALLY good! You can find the motions for her main songs on YouTube.

Hole in the Bottom of the Sea sing-along
Whole World sing-along
Creepy Crawly Calypso sing-along

The Tiny Seed read-along

All About the Letter A-Z worksheets
Letter Identification A-Z printables
Alphabet coloring here or here
Sight words flashcardscolor by numberssearchsentences
Blends: Activity booklets
Numbers of the Week here
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary IB book,

Letter V Itsy Bitsy Book
Letter V Reader Book here
Veterinarian Checklist here
Blow Painting Fun idea

W is for Water coloring page
Letter W Itsy Bitsy Book
Letter W Reader Book
Window Washer activity

Letter X Dot coloring, Mini book here or here
Dirt Snack Cups idea
Mud Painting here
Letter X Beginner Reader here or here
Easter Coloring pages
Marshmallow Easter Bunny craft
Q-tip Easter Eggs here
Potato Stamping here
X-Ray Craft idea

~New Life~
Resurrection Sequence Coloring here
Resurrection Rolls snack tutorial
Take Care of the Earth mini reader
Plant Seeds here
Yarn coloring page
Magic Pop Up Flowers here
Read It/Trace It (I can see the sun. The sun is yellow. You said to come.) here
Piñata Cupcakes tutorial here or Piñata Cookies tutorial here

~Bugs & Flowers~
Spring Coloring page
Bug craft
Water Through Leaves experiment (talk about parts of a leaf on day 3)
Lifecycle of a Butterfly use template with edible idea
Color by Number here
Clothespin Butterflies here
Z Beginning Sounds here (free in the preview)
Flower Unit here
Parts of a Flower art
Spring Flower Art idea

Thursday, March 27, 2014

28 Week Appointment

Yesterday I went to my regular OB appointment and was informed I PASSED my oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT)!! Normal cut off value is 130 or 140 depending on the OB and the lab. My starting fasting glucose before the test was 75. An hour later after the glucose load I was only 63!!! This is actually considered low, but he was not the least bit concerned. I was just so happy I don't have to do the 3hr OGTT.

The fetal HB was nice and strong and he called the baby a "swimmer" b/c s/he was moving around during the doppler. I am measuring right at 28 weeks for fundal height. I asked him to feel for fetal position and the baby is head down for now!!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

28 Weeks {7 Months}

Total weight gain: 20.5 lbs
Fetal size: an eggplant!
Movement: I got kicked really hard the other day that it actually hurt and made me jump!
Symptoms: Suprapubic bone pain when I am sleeping, which causes a lot of tossing & turning. My belly button has popped out on the top, which didn't happen till the very end with my girls!

Hello 3rd Trimester!!!

My next OB appt is tomorrow and so far I have not been called about my glucose test. So I am assuming I news is good news! I will find out for sure tomorrow and ask him to feel for position. I am pretty confident this baby is now head down.

Reese is adamant that we name a baby boy "Thomas". She will suggest it over and over multiple times a day. Sorry Reese, "Thomas" is not happening! When I tell the girls the boy name I like versus the boy name Cody likes they each pick the one that Cody likes (of course, they are daddy's girls)!  So I think I am getting outvoted if this baby is a boy. We still have time to decide ;)

We pulled the baby swing and vibrating chair out of the attic and I have washed & assembled them back together in the baby's room. This has made the girls very excited!! They go put baby dolls in them and start rocking the swing. Reese walked up to the swing today and said "Hello, my little angel!" I love moments like this!! Reese has been getting to feel the baby kick a lot lately and even kissed my belly yesterday. 

I think these girls will be wonderful big sisters to this little boy or girl!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

27 Weeks

Total weight gain: 19.5 lbs
Fetal size: a rutabaga!
Movement: Baby is most active in the very early morning hours or around 9pm at night. I don't feel much throughout the day.
Symptoms: Was very uncomfortable with my stomach being sore/tender/cramping this past week. I think the baby was positioned funny.
Running: None, probably done until after delivery. 

The baby should be around 2.5 pounds and the pupils can now react to light!

This past week wasn't my most comfortable. My stomach was very sore, tender, cramping. I think the baby was in a funny position or turning around, which made it uncomfortable. It seems to have passed now. 

I completed my oral glucose tolerance test (OGTT) this past week and haven't been called with any negative news yet. No news is good news! I have my OB appt next week @ 28 weeks. I just had my thyroid appointment yesterday and she is increasing my Tirosint dose a bit more. She had my fasting glucose level of 75, which is good. She thinks with that start level I should have passed the 1hr OGTT for my OB. Fingers crossed!!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day 2014!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!!

The girls helped me bake a Rainbow cake that I had made 2 years ago, link here. Unfortunately, our rainbow didn't turn out this time. Guess a leprechaun was playing a trick on us!!! It still tastes magically delicious though!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

26 Weeks

Total weight gain: 17.5 lbs
Fetal size: a head of lettuce!
Movement: Still getting kicks & punches both down low and up high, no hiccups this week.
Symptoms: Nothing this week
Running: I think I may be a stopping point with running, not sure yet. Went for a .75mi walk + 2hr walk around the zoo this week. 

Thankful for no weight gain this week!

The baby should be about 1.5-2 lbs now and about 14 inches from head to heel. Tear production has begun along with the sense of smell.

We finally ordered custom crib bedding and curtains for the nursery. It took some time finding something gender neutral that we liked but I think it will look great for a boy or girl. The bumper is grey & white and the skirt and curtains are grey to match the walls. We will add plum for a girl or navy for a boy afterwards!

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

25 Weeks

Total weight gain: 17.5 lbs
Fetal size: a cauliflower!
Movement: Baby has been crazy active lately!
Symptoms: Had several headaches this week but no contraction issues. 
Running: None. Starting to wonder if I am at a stopping point or not for this. It was nice to not have the recovery time this week.

In the next few weeks I have to go spend an hour at the lab for my glucose tolerance test. Next appointment is at 28 weeks. Crazy to think I'm getting so close to the 3rd trimester already!!

The girls are really starting to love on the baby belly. They constantly put their little hands on my tummy. Reese refers to the baby as "she" when she is talking but says she wants a brother "because she doesn't have one of those yet". Emma still refuses to talk boy names with me because "it's a girl!" She is so determined on having another sister! Scarlett says "baby" but I am not sure how much she understands yet.