Thursday, June 18, 2015

Georgia's 1 Year Well Check

This morning Georgia had her 1 year well check.

Weight: 18 lbs 14oz (35%)
Height: 29 inches (42%)
Head Circumference: 19 inches (99%)

I knew it would involve vaccines & a finger prick for a hemoglobin check. She got 4 vaccines today, including the live virus MMR & Varicella. Praying she doesn't react the way Emma reacted to hers!

Her hemoglobin was low at 9.5 so we get to start daily iron supplements. I'm not surprised, my other girls have gone through this too.

She also had a spot vision test and passed :)

I had a thorough conversation with our pediatrician about the GI Specialist's recommendation for toddler formula once weaned. She was in agreement that I could continue on the almond milk and focus on getting Georgia her essential oils and fats through table foods. If she is having a weight issue at her 15mo well check, then she will suggest adding on the toddler formula to supplement.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Georgia Rae - 1 Year Old! {Cake Smash}

June 12, 2015 - Georgia turned ONE year old!

She woke up to sprinkled pancakes! She had no idea why we were singing to her but she loved it!

I took Georgia's smash cake photos at home in her adorable outfit custom made by Sassafras Style.

 Eyes: Blue

Clothes: 18 months
Diapers: size 4 during day & size 5 at night
Weight: approx. 19-20 pounds

Nursing: 4x a day
Teething: 10 chompers and about to cut #11 & 12 any day now
Weaning: I will be dropping the dream feed as soon as the 2 molars cut. Then I will proceed to drop the nap time nursing session since it's right after lunch and she doesn't drink much. This will put us at 2 nursing sessions a day. Once we are settled with that I will drop another one until she is fully weaned!

Milestones: Georgia is pulling up on everything, transferring along objects, can stand without holding for 10 seconds, lets go of holding on by herself, and can take 1 step! She is also trying to stand up without pulling up on anything. I am really surprised she is trying to take a step before mastering standing up but this girl is on a mission! 

She can drink through a straw, which I didn't know she could do until she drank from Reese's thermos with a straw spout. She has also learned how to "blow" and will blow when I say "hot". She is about to make the switch to a big girl car seat! Her newest trick is crawling on top of the dishwasher door and helping with dishes!

Solids: I have introduced peanut butter and she likes it! I wasn't worried about an allergy since we had allergy testing done already. She really likes the Dairy Free Greek Strawberry Yogurt and can eat the whole container! She gets so excited when I serve her peas & carrots and will eat them over anything else in front of her. She was also introduced to dairy free cake for her birthday!

She still appears to be left hand dominant.

Sleep: 1 nap a day and a 5:30-6:00pm bedtime. Dream feed is around 10:30pm and she sleeps all night until 7:30am. 

She has started using a toddler travel pillow in her crib that she loves! She was consistently sleeping with her head on her crib bumper so I ordered monogrammed one for her birthday. When she opened it she immediately laid down on it and snuggled on it. 

Playtime: Georgia loves balls and will throw one and then crawl and chase it. She also loves to be chased while crawling! She also loves to play with her babies, which is precious. She likes playing peek-a-boo! Georgia loves to pull out all the DVDs from the stand and frustrate mommy ;) She is definitely keeping those little feet busy!

Personality: Georgia is a ham now!! 

She loves to be tickled and loves to laugh! She dances to music when we have it playing. She thinks learning how to stand and walk is funny! When she 1st wakes up and I turn the light on she covers her eyes because it is too bright and she smiles. She plays with herself in the mirror. 
She found her own reflection!
Signs: "milk", "hi", "all done", "more", & "baby"
Don't worry, I got this!
Speech: "Mama", "Hi", "Up", "Dada", "Dog", "Uh Oh", and "all done". She has been doing 2 word sentences since last month (like "hi dog" & "all done"). I've heard her say "Emma" a few times now. 

Concerns/Updates: She is doing well now that we are established with a dairy free diet. She takes a daily vitamin and I focus on getting healthy fats into her diet since she won't be doing whole milk. I am undecided on the GI Specialist's recommendation for toddler formula as a supplement to almond milk. I think she will be fine without it since she is a great eater. I will discuss this further at her 1 year well check with our pediatrician. 

Next pediatrician appt. is this Thursday for her 1 year well check.

She had an amazing 1st Birthday Sprinkle Party, which I plan on posting separately. Thank you to everyone who went out of their way to help my little girl celebrate her big ONE!
The End!