Tuesday, February 25, 2014

March PreK Lesson Plans

Preschool lessons are finally back! We took a much needed break after being overwhelmed with Thanksgiving, Christmas, Scarlett's 2nd Birthday Party, hosting a baby shower, & Reese's 5th Birthday Party all crammed into a few months. We should be on schedule until June and at that point my lessons will overlap to the previous ones already made!

~Here is my March calendar~

*NOTE: all the material/links below are assigned to days on the calendar. Please take a look at my calendar to see how I break the material up. This can easily be altered to your own needs.

~Bible Stories~

The Singer (page 228): Read along here, Curriculum here
Captain of the Storm (page 236): Video here, Curriculum here
Filled Full (page 244): Read along here, Feeding 5,000 coloring page
Washed with Tears (page 280): read along here

~Bible Songs~
"King of the Jungle" song
"Fly" VBS song
"Standin' on the Solid Rock" song

~Chapel Music~
These are the 2 CD we use for our chapel music. The music is actually REALLY good! You can find the motions for her main songs on YouTube.

The Solar System song
Blast Off song
Countdown to Blastoff song
Time To Shine moon song

All About the Letter A-Z worksheets
Letter Identification A-Z printables
Alphabet coloring here or here
Sight words flashcardscolor by numberssearchsentences
Blends: Activity booklets, S Blends worksheets
Numbers of the Week here
Star Light, Star Bright: Activity Packet, video, sing-along, printable poster
*Space Unit here

~Stars & Sun~
Letter S Itsy Bitsy Book here
Dr. Seuss Maze, Snack idea
Star coloring page
Shooting Star Cutting Practice here
Explore Alphabet worksheet
Constellation Viewer craft
Scientist paper doll
Sun coloring page
Sunshine Counting worksheet
Sun Squish Paint idea, instructions here
Happy March coloring page
Bead Sun Catchers, instructions here or here
Follow the Stars maze

Letter T Itsy Bitsy Book here
Earth coloring page
Earth Art Craft: Tissue Paper Earth idea or Shaving Cream idea
Moon coloring page
Bubble Wrap Moon Art idea
Moon Sand recipe
Solar System Mini Book here
Teacher coloring page

St. Patrick's Day Itsy Bitsy Book here
St. Patrick's Day PreK Unit here, Math worksheets, Literacy/Math worksheets
Leprechaun Hat craft, coloring page
Stellar Subtraction worksheet
Space Ship Measuring here
Name Rocket idea
Color by Shape worksheet
Space Ship Craft here
Space Ship Lunch idea
Umbrella Maker Fun cupcake liner idea or coffee filter idea

Poison Prevention video
Astronaut coloring page or girl here
Astronaut Craft here
Color by Number here
Space coloring pages
Astronaut Paper Plate idea
Space Mini Book here

24 Weeks {6 Months}


Total weight gain: 15.5 lbs
Fetal size: a cantaloupe!
Movement: Baby is getting stronger with his/her movements and making sure to get my attention now !
Symptoms: Insomnia seems to have resolved but dealing with a lot of braxton hicks contractions
Running: None. We walked for 7hrs straight at the Rodeo on Tuesday and again for 3.5hrs on Sunday. 

I feel like I can finally breathe a little easier knowing I've hit the viability milestone. Although any baby this early is still very risky it is good to know there is a fighting chance from here on out! Next major milestone for development is 28 weeks then at 32 weeks. 

The baby should now be able to open his/her eyelids and have a blink-startle reflex. The baby is approximately 1.25 lbs and 12 inches from head to heel!

Tuesday & Wednesday I had constant braxton hicks contractions. I drank at least 4L of water each day but they refused to go away. Finally after soaking in a warm bath I was able to get them to relax Wednesday night. I wasn't worried because I knew they were only braxton hicks and never increased in intensity but it got annoying buy day 2 of them. So I laid low and didn't run this week, just a lot of walking!

I have an OB appointment tomorrow morning and will be sent home with the delicious ::sarcasm:: "glucola" to drink before my next monthly appointment  This will rule out gestational diabetes. I have always passed it before. This is probably my least favorite part of pregnancy...chugging that terrible sugar drink that causes heartburn. Cheers!

Reese's Snow White 5th Birthday Party {The Details}

I'm finally getting to post about Reese's Snow White 5th Birthday Party! She had so much fun and was blessed with a lot of friends and family who came to help her celebrate her special day!

The Food:
Miners Munchies (Chips) & Dopey's Ranch Dip

Happy's Vegetables

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pies
Wicked Witches (crown shaped)
Hearts of a Pig
Woodland Fruit
Wishing Well Water
Non-Poison Apple Juice
Witches Brew (Tea)
Jello Gems

Candy Tray: True Love, Bashful's Blushing Hearts, Prince Charming's Kisses

The Cake
Cake with Glitter Blue Candle
Snow White's Mini Apple Pies
Doc's Apple-a-Day
Seven Dwarfs Beard Station

Balloon PiƱata Garland

Beard Making Station in Action
Aunt Ashley helping Scarlett (aka: Princess Rapunzel)
Snow White trying on her Seven Dwarf Beard
Cinderella in her Seven Dwarf Beard
Balloon Pinata (the worst apple shape ever but the kids loved it! Hint: use a toothpick for popping)

We also had a bounce house set up for the kids, which was the bulk of the entertainment and they loved it!
Gift Collection

Favor Table

Whistle While You Work!

Seven Dwarfs Mine for Gems (Ring Pops in brown sugar)

The Details:

Banner & Water Bottle Labels: free here
Cake: LydiasCakes
Food Labels: made by me
Invitation: made by me
PB&J Pies: Smucker's Uncrustables bought at Costco. Cut a pie "x" in center once defrosted.
Seven Dwarf Beard: free template
Snow White's Dress: Etsy seller LoverDoversClothing (we re-used from Halloween)
Wooden Bird Whistles: Amazon

*Party guests & gift opening will be blogged separately.

*If anyone local is interested in these food labels and assembled birthday banner, let me know as I am willing to sell them.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

We celebrated Valentine's Day a day early this year and had a great one!

The girls got to spend an hour or so with their Meme while Cody & I went for a 4.1 mile run in the park.
I made Cody's favorite dessert: Iced Sugar Cookies and these babies didn't last very long!
The girls each wore their Valentine attire and waited patiently to open their gifts...

Each got a new snuggle buddy, a coloring book, box of chocolates & they got 1 new movie to share
That evening, Nana came over to babysit so Cody & I could enjoy a romantic dinner out at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse!
We all had a wonderful day together and feel very blessed to be surrounded by so much love!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

23 Weeks

I took this picture yesterday before spending the day at the rodeo but couldn't manage to get this post done on time so here it is a day late...

Total weight gain: 15 lbs (blah)
Fetal size: a grapefruit!
Movement: Starting to wonder if baby has flipped head down now. Possible hiccups now too!
Symptoms: Still dealing with insomnia, which is getting really old. 
Running: Ran once for 4.1 miles but this time I was in pain afterwards. It felt like the pubic bone separated (which can actually happen). My recovery now is super slow (about 2 days for the discomfort to resolve) and I think I am to the point of needing to cut down the distance and try to go multiple times instead. 

I am not happy with a 2lb weight gain in 1 week but I am doing better than my last two pregnancies. When I was 23 weeks with Emma I had gained 20 lbs, so my current total of 15 lbs is an improvement and on track. 

Before we got pregnant, I did not have intensions of continuing to run once pregnant. Now that I am still running (no matter how little or short) at more that 1/2 way through the pregnancy I feel accomplished. I am not sure how much longer I will be able to do it and each run I do could be my last. I'd love to make to the very end and will continue to try. Ultimately, my body calls the shots now - not my mind and it is getting harder. The actual run is not hard/painful itself, its the 2 day recovery period afterwards. 

We spent 7 hours at the Rodeo yesterday and I was stopped multiple times by random people who wanted to know the gender of baby #4! I found it funny by the 4th person who asked. Someone proceeded to tell me they knew someone who had a boy after 3 girls and someone else told me their mom had 4 girls. We shall see!!!