Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Scarlett's Breakfast in Bed Party {The Details}

Ok, I am really behind on getting Scarlett's 2nd Birthday Party posted! Here are the details and hopefully I can get the actually party pics of Scarlett posted soon (when I finish editing those pictures)!

Fruit Tray

Donut Kabobs
Cinnamon Rolls (also had one with biscuits)
Blueberry Muffins
Cereal Bar
Donut Cake
Hash brown Casserole
Hot Cocoa Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting
Breakfast Buffet: Eggs, Bacon, Sausage
Milk & OJ
Hot Cocoa
Make a Fruit Loop Necklace


The Details:
Invite: made by me
Clip Art: Etsy seller DreamlikeMagic
Birthday Banner: bought on Etsy 4 years ago
Bed Prop: bought from a friend
Breakfast Coloring Placemats: Free printable here
Straw Cereal Bowls: Amazon for $9.36 a set
Labels, Favor Banner & Tags: made by me
Glass Carafes: Costco
Hot Drink Dispensers: Walmart last year
Buffet Food Warmer: Amazon
Pink Serve ware: accumulated over the years from Hobby Lobby
Silver Serve ware: bought last year from Target

20 Weeks {5 Months}

Total weight gain: 10lbs
Fetal size: a banana!
Movement: Daily kicks to my lower left, punches to my middle right
Symptoms: Occasional heartburn & been waking up with headaches thanks to sinus congestion
Running: Ran 4.4 miles + painted nursery all weekend + 40min pregnancy yoga

I can't believe I am at the 1/2 way point now! Or maybe I should say more than 1/2 way since I never quite go to my due date. I think the rest of the pregnancy will fly by as we will be busy with Spring sports with the girls. 

When I lay down I can distinctly feel the outline of the baby. The head is to the right of my belly button and I can trace the back going straight down and then curving at the bottom to the left, where I get kicked. 

I'm surprised I weighed in at 10lbs today since I was more than that in the middle of the week but it could have been water weight. I had braxton hicks contractions all day on Thursday and had to drink over 4 liters of water to get them to subside. I know I was stressed with sick kids this past week. 

We had a very productive weekend and got the baby nursery painted!!! See blog post here.

Monday, January 27, 2014

Nursery {Sneak Peek}

We spent the weekend working on the baby nursery and the girls were so eager to help out. I loved the fact that they wanted to help get ready for the baby!!!

Friday evening Cody painted the ceiling light grey to match the stripes on the window wall. Saturday, Reese woke up with a stomach bug but she did not want to miss out on the action! We spent the day painting the walls a darker grey.

Sunday, we spent striping the window wall the same color as the ceiling. All I can say was striping one wall of horizontal stripes was much harder than a whole room of vertical stripes. We used our laser level again for this but it proved difficult with an uneven ceiling line. Overall, I think they turned out great!

Iphone pic
The glider, changing table & crib are all being reused from Reese & Emma's nurseries. The curtain rod was already hanging as this was our previous guest room. I bought 2 of the silver minky fur pillows from Home Goods. We are finalizing the custom crib bedding and curtains and can't wait to see it all put together. Most of the accents will be added after the baby arrives based on gender.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Are The Odds?

I wanted to look up the odds of having a boy after 3 girls and came across this website. I found it very interesting!

Did you know:

  • Parents are slightly more likely to stop having children if the first is a girl
  • Parents of two girls are 3% more likely to stop having children than parents of two boys
  • Parents of 3 same-gender children are only 2% more likely to have a 4th child than parents of mixed-gender (which shows gender doesn't really affect having a 4th child)
  • After having 2 girls the odds of a 3rd girl is more likely
  • For the 4th child, the odds actually increase for having a boy after 3 girls
  • For 4 children families: 85% are mixed gender, 9% are all boys, and only 5.5% are all girls

I find this fascinating for sure!

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

19 Weeks

Total weight gain: 9lbs
Fetal size: a mango!
Movement: Yes  and this baby is breech (all I can say is s/he better figure it out!)
Symptoms: none, feel great!
Running: Ran 3.56mi yesterday!!! Jog/Walked 1.12mi next to Reese riding her bike earlier in week (hardly cardio but needed to test out my toe). Total: 4.68mi

I am really sore from running. It is crazy how quickly you lose endurance after taking a 5 week break. My pace was slower but I did it and glad to be back in the game! I had my thyroid appointment this morning and I will continue on my current dose of Tirosint for the next 8 weeks and then go back for another check up. 

Friday, January 17, 2014

"Tutu Thrilled" Baby Shower {Details}

I had the honor of hosting a baby shower for a dear friend recently. I had co-hosted a shower years ago but never thrown one by myself before. I made almost everything myself to save on cost. We had a total of 13 ladies over to my house for a lunch time shower.

The mother-to-be is expecting her 2nd daughter and I gave her a few options on the theme and was thrilled with her choice of a "Tutu Thrilled" theme!
The Invite
Diaper Wreath
Make a Quilt Square for Baby Stella
Don't Say "Baby" mini tutu pin game (Prize = Bottle of Wine)
Diaper Raffle (Prize = Nice Picture Frame)
Late Night Diapers
Guess How Many Diapers (Prize = Bath Lotion/Sprays)
How Well Do You Know Melissa? (Prize = The Cookie Bible Cookbook)
Decor: Draped Table Cloth, Balloons, Babies Breath, Tulle "S"
Tulle "S" as a nursery decor gift
Tutu Water Bottles

Spiked Pink Lemonade
Chips & Homemade Salsa

Build Your Own Taco Bar: Shredded Salsa Chicken
Italian Pasta Salad (for any non-Mexican food or vegetarian guests)
Chocolate Dipped Pink Wafers

The Cake
Ombre Rossette Tutu Cake
Late Night Diapers
Labor Starter Salsa for Mom-to-be!
Tutu sweet of you to come!
The Details:
Invitations: made by me
Tutu Clip Art: Etsy Seller DreamlikeMagic
Diaper Wreath: made by me & given as gift (14" ring wrapped with 14 size 2 diapers)
Mini Tutu Pins: made by me
Quilt Squares: provided by mom-to-be
The Cake: LydiasCakes ($40)
Cake Stand Tutu: made by me & given to mom-to-be as gift after
Labels (food & favors): made by me
Tulle "S": made by me & given as gift after (cardboard letter from Hobby Lobby wrapped in tulle)
Tutu Water Bottles: made by me
Prizes: all were new items I had around the house

Everything was relatively cheap and easy to prepare. I bought the tulle in 40 yard spools in the wedding department at Hobby Lobby when 50% off. The main costs were the cake & diapers. I could have made the cake to look like this but the requested flavor was Red Velvet with Cream Cheese Icing, which I am not experienced in making. Plus it took stress of me by just ordering it. 

Overall, I think it turned out very cute! The mom-to-be received a book from each guest along with their gift. 

Happy Partying!

*TULLE LETTER UPDATE: As this post is becoming more popular I can't keep up with all the requests on how to make the tulle wrapped letter. So here it is: I just made it up! I bought a 8" paper mâché letter at Hobby Lobby. Painted it the same color as the tulle. Take a spool of tulle and hot glued the 1st end down. Then start wrapping the letter. I went over it several times then hot glued the last end down where it wouldn't show. The flower is on the wedding isle of Hobby Lobby. The tulle makes the bottom of the letter fluffy so it can't stand on its own. I lean it on a bookshelf. If you need it freestanding, you need to create a flat weight at the bottom before tulle wrapping it. These instructions are for personal use only and not to be sold for profit.