Sunday, October 20, 2013

One Year Later

I have reached the one year mark since deciding to make a lifestyle change and lose weight. It is crazy to go back and look where I was just a year ago but also rewarding to see where I am today!
October 2012 
October 2013
Here is what I have been doing since my last weight loss post:
1. I no longer count calories but I do continue to eat a high protein/fiber diet.
2. I have completely stopped drinking diet soda and strictly drink water & my morning coffee.
3. I am running several times a week, usually twice a week but I want to be going 3x/week.

If you missed my Learn to Like Running post, click here!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Pumpkin Patch 2013

This morning we took the girls to the same pumpkin patch we have been since we moved here. We got there at opening (9am) and were the only ones there...score! The girls played hide and go seek behind the pumpkins, got stickers, and then picked out our pumpkins for this year :)

Where's Scarlett?

I'm Gonna Get You!

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Emma's 3 Year Growth Stats

Yikes, I am falling behind again!!

Emma had her 3 year well visit on October 4th and she is perfect! No shots this time - yay!

The pediatrician was super shocked at Emma's growth. She came in and said "has anyone told you Emma is really tall for her age?"

She grew 4.5 inches this past year!!

Height: 40in ("HIGH" >97%! She's off the charts according the pediatrician)
Weight: 32lbs (63% she was 60% last year at 27lbs)

Which means her BMI (body mass index) fell to only 6%!

I told Emma she was going to be tall like Daddy :) The first thing Emma says to him when we get home is "I'm going to be tall like you!" It was so cute how proud she was!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Learning Sight Words

We are making progress on sight words with Reese! Here is a video of sight words A-C (she also knows "cat" and I'm shocked that wasn't a card included in this set).

If you follow along, you know that we are doing a letter each week. The basic alphabet for Emma (age 3) and sight words for each letter for Reese (age 4.5). We did sight words for the letter A in 1 week & sight words for the letter B in the 2nd week. We took 2 weeks off for birthday celebrations and started back this week with letter C sight words. I have her keep reviewing the previous words for repetition.

Sometimes I ask her to close her eyes and spell the word out loud. This is a much harder concept but she does great! I want to start getting her to spell/write the colors without these cards (since these cards are written in color of the word - meaning blue is written in all blue). I want to make sure she is really learning the word and not just looking at the color of it.

I have posted the link to these flashcards in both my September and October lesson plans. They are under the "Monthly" heading under sight words flashcards.

For easy access I am reposting the link here! These are free downloads after signing up for a free membership to the website.

I did cut these out and then laminate them. To see how I prepare their school work, I've blogged it here!

Way to go Reese!!! You are doing awesome!