Sunday, October 13, 2013

Emma's 3 Year Growth Stats

Yikes, I am falling behind again!!

Emma had her 3 year well visit on October 4th and she is perfect! No shots this time - yay!

The pediatrician was super shocked at Emma's growth. She came in and said "has anyone told you Emma is really tall for her age?"

She grew 4.5 inches this past year!!

Height: 40in ("HIGH" >97%! She's off the charts according the pediatrician)
Weight: 32lbs (63% she was 60% last year at 27lbs)

Which means her BMI (body mass index) fell to only 6%!

I told Emma she was going to be tall like Daddy :) The first thing Emma says to him when we get home is "I'm going to be tall like you!" It was so cute how proud she was!

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