Tuesday, September 18, 2012

The Big 3-0

Cody turned THIRTY today!!! 

I had a lot of fun making his cake this year! What would be better than a football field for the football lover?! I made the grass out of dyed coconut. The goal is blue in support of our team: the Dallas Cowboys :) The cake is dark chocolate so that it will look like dirt when its cut. 

30 yard line for the 30th

The big 3-0

I also wanted to give something for my beer lover...

beer cake

This year the gift idea came pretty easy (with the help of Pinterest) of course! I decided to make a basket of 30 gifts for 30 years! I made little sayings to go with each item - "Turning 30... _____". 

30 for 30

Cody's parents took us out to Cody's new favorite restaurant for lunch (Genghis Grill).
Cody & His Parents

Later we took the girls out to dinner at Bigz and I had some close friends come and surprise Cody...turned out to be a great evening!!!

Happy Birthday to my dear husband!!

Here is my list of 30 along with the "Turning 30... sayings" (don't judge)...
  1. Sky Diving Gift Certificate (his main gift) - is scary
  2. Lowes Gift Card - is handy
  3. Chipolte Gift Card - requires extra calories
  4. Regal Theater Movie Gift Card - is action packed
  5. Best Buy Gift Card- is the best
  6. Game Stop Gift Card - gives you power to play
  7. Austin Home Brew Gift Certificate - makes you a brew expert
  8. Gum - is cool
  9. Pistachios - is nuts
  10. Popcorn - is corny
  11. Junior Mints - is sweet
  12. Hot Tomales - is HOT
  13. Zebra Cakes - is a piece of cake
  14. Mountain Dew - is refreshing
  15. Monster Drink - is energizing
  16. Toothbrush - puts you at risk for dentures
  17. Deodorant - requires deodarant
  18. Body Wash - is stinky
  19. Shave Cream - makes you burly
  20. Dress Socks - causes cold feet
  21. Back Scratcher - makes you itchy
  22. Toy Paratroopers - is fun!
  23. Dallas Cowboy Tshirt - makes you an "old" fan
  24. Keychain Screwdriver - means your screwed
  25. Men's Vitamins - requires pills
  26. Balloon & Cards (yes these count)
  27. Lottery Tickets x 4 - is lucky

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Kelly Grant said...

This was a great idea!!!! I love it!!!! Maybe I will steal it for 31 :)