Thursday, September 27, 2012

Happy 9 Months Scarlett Kate!

Happy 9 month-day Scarlett Kate! You are honestly growing faster than we can keep up with! 

Unfortunately, our sweet baby girl has strep throat. This is rare under the age of 12 months. I was called on Tuesday from her day care that she had fever, wasn't drinking her milk and was crying a lot. Once they told me she barely peed in both morning diapers I called the pediatrician to get her seen in case she was having a break through UTI from her VUR

When we got seen she was 101.6 and with no respiratory, GI, or ear issues. So we couldn't rule out the possibility of the UTI. Her throat was red but no sores were seen at the back of it. So we agreed to do a urine cath...which is always traumatic for kids. The quick UA results were normal but showed ketones. This is from her not eating enough that day and from her fever. So the pediatrician said we could rapid strep test her. I honestly blew it off because of the whole "rare under 12 mo thing" but the pedi said "I have seen it before". When she came back into the room she said "I have bad news...she's strep positive". I couldn't believe it!! Especially since none of her classmates were sick, her sisters weren't sick, and she was only turning 9 months old! The pedi believes someone from Emma's birthday party had strep that was in contact with Scarlett...but who knows for sure. 

She has slept and slept and slept (mostly on me). She has been refusing all food and water but is nursing fine from me. At 2am on Wednesday morning I had to bathe her & give Tylenol due to a 104.4 temp and at 6am she was still over 103. We have been battling fevers this entire time! Today is the 1st day she's actually dipped below 100.4 but she is still spiking temps and was 102.2 this morning. 

She had a 5 minute burst of energy this morning so I snuck a few pictures of her sweet smiles that we have been missing the past few days. She quickly went back to being sick after these photo shoot and napped on me for most of the day today. 

Look what I can do!

I'm not really sick *wink*

Talking (you can tell in her eyes how tired and sick she is)

Size: on Tuesday she weighed 19.5 lbs plus she was dehydrated so I think she's easily 20 lbs at 9mo (Emma was 17.2 lbs and Reese was 17.10 lbs at 9mo). She can wear 12-18mo clothes and size 4 diapers.

Mobility: Scarlett is now crawling...well army crawling but she can get to where she intends to go. She can sit herself up in bed and has been trying to pull on things (she stood up in the tub). She can stand while holding onto something but she's not 100% confident with herself yet.

Communication: Scarlett says "mama" and can sign "milk" as well as shake her head "no". Its pretty funny because Reese and Scarlett had a "yes/no" argument last week and I couldn't help but laugh.

Eating: Scarlett is still nursing like a champ and has yet to have any formula...I'm very proud of this! She is eating table foods VERY well! She eats egg yolks, turkey sausage, turkey, chicken, ham, roast beef, peas/carrots, cheese, cheerios, yogurt, sausage...basically anything! We have yet to introduce strawberries but will wait till she's off her antibiotic so we don't confuse any signs of an allergic reaction. 

Teeth: she still has 8 teeth but I think her incisors are coming soon!

Personality: She is the HAPPIEST and most content baby!! She is always smiling (despite being sick) and laughing and trying to interact with her sisters. 

We are praying for a quick recovery of Scarlett! It is so hard to see such a sweet baby feel so run down!

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