Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Emma's Puppy Party

I honestly can not believe we just had Emma's 2nd birthday party! She is growing up way too fast!! As most of you are aware by now, Emma had a Puppy Adoption Party due to her LOVE of dogs. The party was absolutely a blast and the weather was perfect for an outdoor event. As always I took a bunch of photos (and was learning my new camera lens at the same time so pardon the blurry or out of focus pictures).
P.S. you can click on any image to zoom in. 

The Setup

 Her Puppy Cake for Guests
Tutorial here

 Her personal sized puppy chow cake
Details at end of blog

Paw Print Cupcakes (I didn't get a chance to take a good pic but I took this with my iPhone)
They are chocolate chips and junior mints

 Homemade Hot "Dog" Buns (I wish I had gotten a pic of the hotdog in their mouths)
Recipe here
Tutorial here

Pretzel Sticks

Scooby Snacks

Frisbee Plate Holders & Bone Cups

Watering Bowl

The Party

Here is the beautiful birthday girl...

Swinging with Meme

Friend, Adelyn

Best Friend, Zoe

Big Sis, Reese



Friend, Madelyn

Friend, Thomas

Reese (sporting Emma's puppy shirt)



Jason & Melissa

 Best Friend Mamas

 Scarlett & Nana


Family, Heather

 A Good-Looking Bunch! (Scarlett is wearing a puppy shirt)

Friends, Kini & Paige

Adelyn LOVED the Hot "DOG" Bun

Puppy Piñata Time

 Kayla knocked the puppy piñata's head right off!

 Back Up & Running :)

 Josh had great form



 Ezekiel took the piñata out with flying candy!

Cake Time

 Happy Birthday To You...

Happy Birthday To You...

 Happy Birthday Dear Emma...

 Happy Birthday To You...

Chow Time

After seeing her friends with cupcakes she wanted one too

Puppy Adoption Station

Gift Opening

Thank you Reese & Scarlett for my puppy purse!

 Thank you Aunt Ashley & Victor for my movie and PJs

 Thank you Great Grandma for my puppy vet clinic & bandaids

Thank you Heather & Clay for my headband and pettiskirt

 Thank you Josh & Adelyn for my kitchen accessories

Thank you Kayla & Madelyn for my book and tea set

 Thank you Kini & Paige for my special James Avery ID bracelet

 Thank you Meme for my own steps tool (now I don't have to borrow Reese's all the time)

 Thank you Nana for my baby doll stroller

 This one required a group effort

 Thank you Zoe for my HEB shopping cart & bucket of food!

Hugs for her best friend Zoe

Sweet Kayla play vet on her adopted puppy

Cute Thomas with his adopted puppy

Heather & Jeanna


Let the shopping begin!

For details on the puppy adoption & decor items please go to this blog post.

Puppy Chow Cake:
Dog Bowl found at HEB
I baked some funfetti cake batter in a 6" cake pan then used a 5" circle cutter to cut the circle down to fit in the dog dish. The cake naturally baked up with a dome in the center, which was perfect! I covered it in a crumb coat of frosting the night before. Right before the party I added a layer of icing and some Reese's Peanut Butter Puffs cereal to look like dog food. (note- you can not put the cereal on the night before because it will absorb moisture from the frosting and turn into a weird combo of being stale & somewhat soggy at the same time).

Emma had a fabulous birthday party and everyone seemed to have such a great time! Thank you to all our friends and family who helped make her party day so incredibly special! I truly feel like the children being able to adopt a puppy made them feel included (which can be tough for toddlers sometimes during gift opening).

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