Friday, March 27, 2009

She's 7 Weeks!!

Reese is 7 weeks old today!! Today was a little stressing. We got rear-ended in town with Reese in the car. I was so mad and shaken up at the situation. I am just glad we are all ok, especially Reese! We did buy her her 1st Easter basket today and it is too cute!!

Yesterday we took her swimming at the grandparents house for the 1st time!! She did great in the water and actually cried once we took her out :o) That afternoon we got hit with a severe thunderstorm and hail!!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Reese's 1st Tiara

Yesterday Reese got to wear her adorable tiara headband and she looked so precious!!! We are so in love with her, words cannot even explain.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Reese is 6 Weeks Old!!

I can't believe Reese turned 6 weeks old today!! She is changing everyday and her little personality is developing :o) She is becoming more verbal and likes to hear herself talk!! She is definately growing everyday. It is amazing to see how her clothes are starting to get snug or too short as she is growing longer. She is finally starting to outgrow her newborn sizes and fit into some of her 0-3 month clothes.

Today Reese played on her new blanket (a wonderful gift from Shara & Dave). The blanket is so soft and Reese loved it. She loves looking up at the ceiling fans and just staring :o)

She also wore her new sunhat outside today on such a beautiful day. Her poor little hat is size 0-6 months, but it swallowed her little head!! We can't wait to take her swimming in her little bikini soon :o)

Fun With Friends & St. Patrick's Day

This Spring Break our close friends, Shara & Dave, came down from Dallas to visit us and baby Reese. We visit with Shara & Dave twice a year and look forward to each trip!! We had a lot of fun spending time on the boat, bowling, playing games and going out to eat :o)

Shara & Dave Team Up To Feed Reese

Taking The Boat Out For Spring Break!!

Cody & I
Cody LOVES To Fish!!

Dave Does Too!!
Shara & I
Reese With Shara & Dave

Reese Styling In Her New Outfit From Shara & Dave

Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Our Lucky Charm

Our 1st Family Trip To Fredericksburg

On March 13th we made our 1st family trip to Fredericksburg, TX. We were going for a surprise 50th b-day party for Cody's brother-in-law. Reese did wonderful on her 1st trip :o) She woke up once on the drive up there so we stopped to feed and change her before continuing the rest of the way. It was very cold when we got there (40-50 degrees). We stayed at a bed & breakfast which was wonderful!! We enjoyed taking Reese down Main Street and looking in all the little shops. Cody got to enjoy some German food and beer :o) The surprise b-day party was truly a surprise!! On the drive home Reese slept the entire 3 hour car ride home!!

At Geovanna's Cottage

Cody Enjoying The Fredericksburg Scenery

Reese & I Posing @ The White Elephant

A Fish Pond
Reese & Her Granddad

Reese with Her Granddad & Meme

The Sweatman Family of 3