Monday, September 3, 2012

Puppy Party: The Details

Emma has an extreme LOVE for dogs and gets all excited anytime she sees one! For that reason we have decided to give Emma a Puppy Party for her 2nd Birthday theme! I'd love to get Emma a sweet, real puppy for her birthday but I've been shot down on that idea (sorry Cody).

So here is everything I've put together so far :)

Invite Front

Invite Back

Her whole party is revolving around the party favor: Adopting A Puppy. We will have stations set up on kid tables for the children to go adopt a pup and all the essentials a new puppy needs :)

Puppies For Adoption!

Adoption Certificates

Puppies Need To Stay Warm!

Puppies Need A Walk!

Food Bowls with bone chalkboard contact paper for kiddos' names
(I'll be filling with either Coco Puffs or Reese's Peanut Butter Cereal to look like dog food)

Puppies Need to Play! Bucket of Bouncing Balls

The following items aren't party of the puppy adoption stations but still for entertainment!

Puppy Pinata

Bone Cups for Kiddos

Frisbee Plates

The frisbees will be used as paper plate holders for the kids. I added the black chalkboard contact paper in the center so I can write the kiddos' names with a chalk pen. 

Adoption Certificates: Free from Chickabug
Birthday Girl Outfit: Made by me
Bouncing Balls: Target (sold in packs of 4)
Chalkboard Bucket: Target Dollar Bin
Chalkboard Contact Paper: Amazon
Fleece Blankets: Fleece from Hobby Lobby & JoAnns
Frisbees: found after Summer season at Walmart
Invite: Designed & Made by me, printed at UPS
Leashes: Ribbon & Jump Rings from Hobby Lobby (50% off)
PiƱata: The Party Works
Puppies: Dollar Tree
Signs: Made by me using Word & Printed on Cardstock
White Food Bowls: Target on Clearance (4 for $.98)


Brenden said...

SO cute!!! Love that party idea!! Looks like you got a great deal on everything. Parties can be so expensive!

Tonya said...

I know! Doing as much you can by yourself really cuts down on cost! The invites only cost me $4!

Kelly Grant said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE. Want to plan Calebs? YES PLEASE!!!

Unknown said...

so cute! love this party and all of the details!

zerry ht said...

Truly amazing puppy party. This is an awesome theme that one could have for dog lovers. Thinking to throw a surprise birthday party for my little niece at one of New York venues. Will surely have this puppies’ adoption idea. She gonna like it.

LeeSwartz said...

But now my mug really, really, really says something about me: NOTHING- It’s blank!!! Yep, that’s what’s on my mug now.

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