Tuesday, July 27, 2010

30 Weeks!

I am officially 30 weeks pregnant and only 10 more to go (at the most)! Emma will be full term in just 7 more weeks, unbelievable!! I feel like making it to week 30 is a big milestone in the pregnancy. The next milestone is to get past 34/35 weeks and then we will be in the home stretch! I have been having braxton hicks contractions every day and thankfully, no more spells of labor contractions (like I had at 28 weeks). 

I am SO ready for her!! I can't wait to give Reese a baby sister :) 

Today I had my 30 week OB appointment and from now on I go every 2 weeks! I did have an NST (non-stress test) done to monitor Emma's heart rate since I hadn't felt her move by the time my appointment was. Emma looked great! I was having braxton hicks contractions every 1-3 minutes on the monitor. The OB did an exam and I am not dilating, which is awesome! The contractions are just getting annoying. I have officially gained more weight this pregnancy than with Reese, which is very depressing!!

30 Weeks (Emma):

30 Weeks (Reese):

30 Weeks:
By this time, your baby's crown-to-rump length is a little over 10.8 inches and the total length of your baby is about 17 inches! Your baby weighs about 3 pounds now. You should be gaining about a pound a week at this time. 

Even though your baby is cushioned by the amniotic fluid, she can feel and respond to pain. Your baby now does `practice breathing` to get ready for life outside of your womb. If you have an ultrasound at this time, you will be able to see this. If your baby swallows amniotic fluid down the wrong passage, she will still get hiccups that are noticeable by you. If your baby were born at this time, she would be able to keep herself warm. 

The skin begins to smoothen as fat deposits accumulate underneath. The fat insulates and is an energy source.

 This past week Reese surprised both Cody & I by blowing her daddy a kiss goodbye when he was leaving for work! We have never seen her do that before and I can't get her to do it again!! It was so spontaneous we were both shocked and our hearts just melted! 

She has started getting into dancing when she hears music and it cracks me up! I need to catch it on video soon!! Reese absolutely LOVES to be outside but HATES the grass touching her...hysterical! She literally will NOT walk on grass unless she has her shoes on. She is such a girly-girl!  =)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

29 Weeks!

Another week down! This past week went by super slow for me, which is odd since this pregnancy has been flying by. On Friday night I started having painful contractions around 9:30pm and they were happening every 1-3 minutes. These were NOT braxton hicks contractions!! I immediately started drinking lots of water and laid on my left side to try and get them to calm down. After 2 huge glasses of water they still wouldn't calm down. Cody and I started to get very nervous at the thought of having to go to the hospital in the middle of the night for preterm labor. I think if I wasn't an L&D nurse maybe I wouldn't have been so stubborn in staying home. I knew what I needed to do and what my limit was and we are pretty darn close to packing a bag and calling my mom to come watch Reese. Thankfully... they started to space after 2.5 hours and I was able to fall asleep around midnight. The next day I was super sore in my abdomen from all the contractions. Since then, I have felt fine!!! We must have gotten scared enough of an early baby so we went to Babies R Us and bought everything we still needed for Emma (box of newborn diapers, bottle liners, pacifiers, bath wash, breastfeeding supplies and a 4pk of onesies). I know if she came this early she would be in the NICU for several months and I wouldn't really even need all this stuff yet, but it felt better knowing I was prepared. All we have to do now is wash baby clothes, unpack some of Reese's newborn outfits, wash the infant carseat & pack a hospital bag.

29 Weeks Emma:

29 Weeks Reese:

29 Weeks:
At this point in your pregnancy, your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 10.4 inches and the total length of your baby is around 16.7 inches. Your baby weighs about 2.7 pounds and continues to grow every day. If you measure from your bellybutton, your uterus is 3.5 to 4 inches above it. Total weight gain at this point is usually between 19 and 25 pounds. 

Your baby will continue to open and close his eyes in the womb and may be able to see silhouettes of objects or even people in the right amount of light.

I am still amazed by the daily vocabulary skills Reese develops. She can now say: eyebrow, nose, mouth, eye,  duck, hot dog, & thank you. She is also learning "chin" since she suddenly has an interest in pointing to our chins :)

Reese got a "Big Sister" necklace from her Meme :)

Thursday, July 15, 2010

3D/4D Sono!

Emma Grace!!

Still a GIRL!

She looks JUST like Reese!

"High Kick" (that's her leg going straight up above her head!)

Knee in her face


Mouth Open (she was sticking her tongue out!)

Holding her foot above her head!


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

28 Weeks (aka 7 Months)!

I can't believe I am 7 months pregnant already!!! I still feel great, just getting harder to get out of bed these days. I have to "log roll" to get out of bed :) Emma has definitely made herself known the last few days! I can feel her foot consistently in the same place on my belly and she will kick me if I poke at it :) Cody & I are so excited to see her on Thursday for her 3D sono! It's been 10 weeks since we have seen Emma. Stay tuned on Thursday for her 3D photos...

I found out my biopsy results this past Friday and I have a benign thyroid tumor...couldn't be better news! There is no need for surgery at this point. My endocrinologist is raising my synthroid dose just slightly to help keep the tumor from growing any bigger. 

28 Weeks: Emma

28 Weeks: Reese

28 Weeks:
Your baby's crown-to-rump length is approximately 10 inches and the total length of your growing baby is around 15.75 inches. Your baby weighs about 2.4 pounds at this point. Your uterus is a little more than 3 inches above your bellybutton. Your weight gain at this time should be between 17 and 24 pounds (I've gained 24).

Your baby's brain continues to develop and is now forming the folds and grooves of a fully developed brain. The amount of tissues within the brain also continues to increase in large amounts. The hair that covers your baby's scalp is also getting longer. Your baby is now large enough for presentation to be determined and your doctor might be able to find out if your baby is at risk for being breech. If your baby is breech, don't panic. There is still time for the baby to rotate.

This past Saturday, Reese got to visit with her Papa & Uncle Nathan since they were in San Antonio on a family trip. Reese recognized her Papa from her ABC photo book and would point to him from across the table :)

It was past her bedtime and she refused to smile for me....

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

27 Weeks (aka: 3rd Trimester)/17months!

Hello 3rd Trimester!! Today I had my OB check up and Emma's heartbeat was 148. I passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colors and my iron levels are still good :) I have gained 4# in the last month...geez!

27 Weeks with Emma:

27 Weeks with Reese:

27 Weeks:
You are now in the third trimester, and last, of your pregnancy! Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 9.6 inches and your baby's total length is approximately 15.3 inches! Your baby now weighs about 2 pounds 3 ounces and is going to grow rapidly during this last trimester! Your uterus is about 2.8 inches above your bellybutton. 

Reese (17 months):
Words cannot express the vocabulary she is developing each day! All the sudden and clear as day she can say "Amen", "diaper", "all done" and "papa". She also tries to say "book", "block" "Harley", "Bailey", "yes", "milk" and "spoon" (which sounds like "poon"). Reese now knows to fold her hands together for prayer each night and it melts my heart watching her get so excited as I pray with her. She then repeats "Amen" after I say it :)

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

I was in the kitchen preparing Reese's lunch when she came walking around the corner wearing daddy's dress shoes....
....I was cracking up laughing!!

My daughter....multitasking!! Drinking water from the splash pool while holding juice cup :)

July 2nd was my mom's birthday and we were so excited when her and Ashley came to stay the weekend! Happy Birthday Mom!!