Thursday, October 15, 2009

Pumpkin Patch

Yesterday we took Reese to the pumpkin patch and got some great photos :o)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

8 Months!!

Happy 8 Months Reese!!!

How Reese Caught The Swine Flu...
update: Reese and I both have the swine flu. The whole family is on Tamiflu now. Her sepsis was from Salmonella. If she gets a temp of 100.5 or dehydration she has to be re-admitted to the hospital. Please pray for us!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Reese @ The Hospital

Well, this has been probably the worst week of our lives!! After Reese was diagnosed with an intestinal virus she didn't get better. We took her to urgent care on Wednesday night and spent 5 hours there! Her temp was 103.6...poor baby! They drew blood and did a catheter for urine testing and told us she had a UTI and gave her an antibiotic injection and told us to follow up with her pedi the next day. We Reese was still severely irritable and stopped crawling. The pedi looked at her urine results and said she DID NOT have a UTI at all. She felt like further testing was necessary to determine cause of infection since her blood count was so high/fever/irritable/and stopped crawling.

So on Thursday, we were admitted to Driscoll Children's Hospital where our poor baby was put through numerous tests. She had a spinal tap to rule out menengitis, she had a chest x-ray to rule out pnuemonia, she had 2 blood cultures drawn and then more blood work, she had 3 failed iv attempts and they finally got the iv in on the 4th try. She also has nasal and rectal swabs done and 2 stool samples taken. They ruled out menengitis/pnuemonia/typhus/rotovirus/Flu/RSV. Eventually they found the cause. Her blood cultures started growing gram negative bacteria....she was septic! She was started on Rocephin thru the iv for antibiotic treatment until they could determine exactly which bacteria was causing it. We are still waiting to find this out, but most likely it is E. Coli b/c the sepsis started from her intestines. Her repeat blood culture didn't grow any bacteria, which meant the antibiotics were working.

So yesterday they discharged us home with oral antibiotics for her to take for 7 days and also follow up with the pedi on Monday.

Reese Loves Her New Caterpillar From Amy (her sitter) and Sydney (her daughter)

Reese & Daddy

Unfortunately, on Friday while we were still in the hospital I developed a slight cough that I associated with sleeping right next to the AC vent. Yesterday the cough got slightly worse. This morning I had a 101 fever and when I woke up my clothes were soaked from sweating. Then my cough became productive. I just want to the emergency clinic to be checked out b/c I didn't want to expose my daughter to anything else!!! I had my flu shot on 9/23. The doctor thought I just had an upper respiratory virus but I begged for a rapid flu test!!! Turns out, it was equivocal (they thought they saw a line on the test but couldn't accurately determine the results). So instead of repeating it I am being treated with Tamiflu and cough medication. I was told to take my daughter the pedi tomorrow she she can get treated prophylactically too. I feel terrible that I cought a virus and now have exposed my daughter!!!!!!!!!

What a week!!