Thursday, March 3, 2016

Let's Rodeo San Antonio {2016}

It was touch and go but somehow we managed to make it to the rodeo this year!

I had the 3 big girls dressed and hair braided ready to go and Georgia woke up from nap with 102 fever out of no where! We gave her motrin and some water. She seemed relatively in a good mood so we decided to ahead and go to the rodeo. When we were 2 minutes from parking, Georgia threw up in her car seat (possibly carsick). I offered to sit in the car with her while the rest of the family went to the fairgrounds. However, since we had to park in a rough area of town we decided it wasn't a good idea. Thankfully, I didn't have her dressed in her overall dress yet. So we cleaned her up and went in under the agreement that we would leave if Georgia got sick again.

I'm so glad we went because the girls absolutely LOVED it!!

We can't wait for next year!

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Remington {Growth & Training}

I have to admit, the first 2 weeks at home were tough for both Remington and us. We are pretty sure he had some degree of separation depression from his litter. It has to be hard to go from a 8x8 puppy corral to a 4,300sqft house! He was timid to walk around from room to room, wouldn't really respond when being called (of course, he didn't know his name yet), and liked to sleep distant in his bed or in a corner.

We had to work quickly at leash training him and after a few days of it, he is good to go! He sits down without a command for us to put the leash on and sits again for it to be taken off.

He is now running around the house with a purpose, knowing where to go and can't seem to be close enough to me! He will find any chance he can get to sleep on me ;) He LOVES the girls!! He likes to lick Reese on the face, sleep on Emma's lap, snuggle with Scarlett and he loves playing tug of war with Georgia. It is funny to watch because neither one is stronger than the other!

I started watching a lot of videos on positive reinforcement dog training since Remington totally shuts down when being told "no". I decided to order a dog clicker to aid in training and low and works! He already seemed to know "sit" at 6 weeks. At 7 weeks, he learned "come", "down" and "roll over". He quickly learned how to go up the stairs and we had to work on going down them. By 8 weeks he was a pro at going down the stairs!!

Here are the commands he learned very quickly during weeks 7 & 8

9 Weeks

He's sleeping like this!

10 Weeks

11 Weeks & 20lbs!

We took Remy for a ear cropping consult and were pleased to hear he had good strong cartilage in his ears and would be a good candidate for the procedure.

He now knows "come", "sit", "shake", "down", "roll over" & "stay"! He is finally starting to follow commands without the aid of treats.

The day before his ear cropping procedure I took a few more pictures with those cute floppy ears!

"Somewhere over the rainbow..."

Remington following in Bailey's footsteps

The day before Remington turned 12 weeks, he had his ears cropped. He weighed 21.8 lbs at the vet office. His procedure went awesome! The vet was really proud of how well Remy was already holding his ears up on his own and said they will stand up with no issues! He came home with stitches and a cone so he can't scratch at his ears and pull a stitch out.
He will wear the cone for 10 days and then get his stitches removed and his ears taped into position. He had no issues with playing with toys before bed and is showing no signs of pain!
22.5 pounds!

We couldn't be happier :)