Friday, August 26, 2016

First Week of School {Kinder & 2nd}

The girls had a fantastic first week of school! I am so PROUD of both Emma & Reese for showing leadership among their peers!! Everyday this week on the morning announcements the girls' pictures were shown on the Smart Board from Meet the Teacher night :)

Emma had a great 1st day with no tears! Her daily agenda came home with an awesome comment from her teacher :)

Reese loved being back with some old kindergarten friends and said her teacher was "so nice"!

Emma got TWO Bronco Bucks for being quiet in line and a leader!! She spent one on a treasure box item.

Reese won a book from the Librarian!

The girls enjoyed a Pep Rally with the RHS Cheerleaders & Band outside in the Amphitheater.

Emma got more Bronco Bucks & treasure box items! Emma was a leader and offered to take a classmate to the "doctor" (aka: nurse) when needed.

Reese got a personal thank you note from her teacher for doing her summer reading. She's the only one in her class that gets rewarded with a pizza party on Friday!

The girls are both making new friends! We found out one of Emma's classmates lives on our same street! Reese is making friends with two new girls that just moved here (one from Louisiana and one from Indiana).

Emma is reviewing patterns & rhyming and got compliments on her success! The teacher read them a book called No, David! and she got to draw him on construction paper. Her teacher also read them Miss Bindergarten Gets Ready for Kindergarten and Emma told her teacher "Hey! I know that book!" It just happened to be one of the books we checked out this summer from the public library.

Reese started a Science Notebook to journal science experiments in! She will be tested next week for reading words per minute.


The girls wore their new spirit shirts for spirit day!

Emma braved buying her 1st lunch tray at school. She also got a certificate from Pete the Cat on a great 1st week!

Reese "impressed" her teacher by turning in her Science Notebook already that isn't due until next week. Reese got to attend her special pizza party for all her summer reading.

Emma is sad she gets a 2 day break from school! She wants to go back to school tomorrow. She also said she "wished school was a longer day."

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Emma's 1st Day of Kindergarten!

Just like that Emma is in Kindergarten! 

There were a lot of nerves before the 1st day & some issues going to sleep the night before. Thankfully we worked it all out and her 1st day went GREAT!


I did volunteer at lunch so I could see her and help all the other kindergartners survive lunchtime. Emma was so excited to see me she ran up and gave me a hug! She was having no issues although a classmate of hers was crying. I was so thankful that wasn't Emma feeling that way.

Once I picked her up from school, she told me all about her day and how awesome school is! She couldn't wait to go back again the next day. I was so proud when I read her teacher comment in her agenda that night! 
Emma will do great this year!

Reese's 1st Day of Second Grade

Reese is officially a 2nd grader!! I don't even know how the years have flown by this fast. 

She woke up early and had eggs, bacon & hash browns per request!

This is what I get when she doesn't think I'm paying attention...

Praying she has another awesome year!