Sunday, September 29, 2013

October PreK Lesson Plans

I am sorry these are so last minute! I am not superwoman by any means and life just happens :) The 1st two weeks of Oct will be "catch up" for us as far as letter of the week, sight words and numbers. I am going ahead and moving on with the weekly themes. Please feel free to find your own material if your kiddos don't need the review/catch up time. Also, keep checking back because I tend to come back and add more links once I find something I like.

*NOTE: all the material/links below are assigned to days on the calendar. Please take a look at my calendar to see how I break the material up. This can easily be altered to your own needs.

~Here is my October calendar~
*You may notice I removed Spanish & Chapel music from the calendar. We will continue with Chapel music but I have realized I have not been keeping up with the Spanish lessons since the start of ballet, soccer & MOPS. Please continue Spanish lessons if you desire :)

~Bible Stories~

Zacchaeus: The Jesus Storybook Bible -The man who didn't have any friends pg. 264, Sequence coloring, Can You Find Zacchaeus activity sheet, Craft idea
The Lost Son: The Jesus Storybook Bible - Running Away pg. 272, craft idea, journey maze, story sequence, coloring sequence, hidden pictures, short filmmatchingtrace/colorsearch & find
Ravens Fed Elijah: The Beginner's Bible - God Watches Over Elijah pg. 201, ideas & song here, sequencing here, craft
Elijah Helps A Widow: The Beginner's Bible pg. 206

~Bible Songs~
Zacchaeus Sing-Along

~Chapel Music~
These are the 2 CD we use for our chapel music. The music is actually REALLY good! You can find the motions for her main songs on YouTube.

Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater sing-along
Grey Squirrel song

All About the Letter A-Z worksheets
Letter Identification A-Z printables
Alphabet coloring here or here
Sight words flashcardscolor by numberssearchsentences
Blends: Activity booklets, R Blends worksheets
Numbers of the Week here
Fall Math pack

~Seasons of Color~
Letter C Itsy Bitsy book
Fall PreK pack
Leaves pack
Fall leaves art
Community Helper: Coach coloring (talk about different types of coaches)

~Fire Safety Week~
Letter D Itsy Bitsy book
Sparky interactive website
Kitchen Fire Safety videos & Safe in the Kitchen sheet
Smoke Alarm pictorial
Community Helper: Doc McStuffins pack
Fire Safety pack, Dial 911 page
Fire Prevention Week coloring pages, mini book

~Finding Autumn~
Autumn Gnome pack
Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater Itsy Bitsy Book
Indian Corn craft
Scarecrow Letter Match coloring (vowels), Paper Bag Scarecrow craft
Leaf coloring pages, Leaf Printing art
Pumpkin Pack & Life Cycle of a Pumpkin here
Fall ABC Order printable

~Fall Animals~
Forest Animals pack
Fly sight word (page 10)
Squirrel animated story, Grey Squirrel song, Grey Squirrel craft, Easy Squirrel craft
Pink Owl printables, Owl craft ideas here, here & here
Scarecrow game, Scarecrow & Crow Missing Numbers here, Crows craft ideas here, here & here
Community Helper: Firefighter book

~Trick or Treat Fun~
ABC Spin & Cover game
Halloween pack
Knuckle Print Pumpkins art
Paper Pumpkin craft
Hotel Transylvania pack & expansion
Trick or Treat Smell My Feet art
Shine with the Light of Jesus craft
Halloween coloring pages

Alphabet Hats printable
C is for Christ coloring page
D is for Discipline coloring page
E is for Eternal Life coloring page
F is for Faith coloring page
A-E Letter Sequence here
Halloween Hidden Sight Words & Count It here

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Preschool Followers for October

I will try my best to get an October calendar and plans up this weekend. The 3 birthdays in a row and family visiting really put a delay on schooling and now we are 2 weeks behind.

Stay tuned but feel free to find some material on your own so that you aren't relying on me ;)

*UPDATE (9/29): it is in progress and hopefully posted tonight

Monday, September 23, 2013

Cinderella Party {The Details}

Emma's Cinderella 3rd Birthday Party was a hit! It was so easy to put together and turned out adorable (at least I think so)!

I am including the party details at the end of this post. Actual party photos of family & friends will be posted separately from this. Enjoy!

Decor & Entertainment:
Pink Feather Wreath
Entryway with a "Castle" for entertainment
Pink Feather Balls Hanging in Arches
Cinderella Movie & Banner: Happy 3rd Birthday

Coloring Station 1

Coloring Station 2
Design A Necklace Station (easier said than done!)
Dress Up Station
Cinderella's Clock Tower Piñata
The Menu:
Royal Salad

Crown Sandwiches Option 1

Crown Sandwiches Option 2

Chips & French Onion Dip

Carriage Wheels

Jaq & Gus Cheese Platter
Royal Coach Dip (Ranch)
Veggie Tray
Water Bottles with Custom Labels (Princess Emma)

Stepmother's Tea & Princess Pink Lemonade

The Cake!!!!

The Cupcakes
Cinderella & Blue Bird Fondant Toppers
Magical Pumpkins
Drizella's Beads (Sixlets)

Magic Wands
Party Favors:
The Favors!!

Bippity Boppity Boo Wands
Cinderella Crowns (there are 12 stacked here)

Prince Charming Swords & Shields
"Castle" House: already owned (by Little Tikes)
Coloring Pages: free printables from internet
Necklace Design: Beads (50% off) & Stretch Magic at Hobby Lobby
Dress Up Station: a gift built by her Granddad. Tutorial here. I will be adding "dress up" to the front
Piñata: made by me (I will try to attempt to post a tutorial but am not promising anything)

Crown Sandwiches: CROWN/TIARA Cutter 5in
Carriage Wheels: tortilla pinwheels made by her Meme
Royal Coach Bread Bowl: take a large bread loaf and hallow out for dip. I used tortillas for the wheels and small circles from top piece of bread bowl as hubcaps. Attached with a toothpick.

Cupcake Fondant Toppers: made by me using homemade marshmallow fondant
Magical Pumpkins: Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins (also seen at Target)
Drizella's Beads: Sixlets from Hobby Lobby
Glitter "3" Candle: Walmart

Feather Wreath & Balls: reused from my oldest daughter's 1st bday party. I took a pink boa and hot glued onto styrofoam
Water Bottle Labels: made by me and is a FREEBIE (with options) in this post
Banners: made by me and is a FREEBIE in this post
Food Labels: made by me

Fairy Godmother Doll: Amazon
Bippity Boppity Boo Wands: made by me following a combo of these tutorials: here & here
Cinderella Crowns: Target party bin
Swords: Target party bin
Shields: Dollar Tree

Happy Copying!

Emma as Princess Cinderella!

A little over a month ago we took Emma to the Japanese Tea Gardens to take some photos of her as Cinderella! Emma is truly a beautiful princess and her personality just shines through!!!

     You are a beautiful little girl and your smile is contagious! We love you with all our hearts!! You are so funny and make us laugh daily! You are the sweetest little Cinderella out there!
                                                                                                                       Mom & Dad

Stay tuned for Cinderella's party pictures!