Monday, September 23, 2013

Cinderella Party {The Details}

Emma's Cinderella 3rd Birthday Party was a hit! It was so easy to put together and turned out adorable (at least I think so)!

I am including the party details at the end of this post. Actual party photos of family & friends will be posted separately from this. Enjoy!

Decor & Entertainment:
Pink Feather Wreath
Entryway with a "Castle" for entertainment
Pink Feather Balls Hanging in Arches
Cinderella Movie & Banner: Happy 3rd Birthday

Coloring Station 1

Coloring Station 2
Design A Necklace Station (easier said than done!)
Dress Up Station
Cinderella's Clock Tower Piñata
The Menu:
Royal Salad

Crown Sandwiches Option 1

Crown Sandwiches Option 2

Chips & French Onion Dip

Carriage Wheels

Jaq & Gus Cheese Platter
Royal Coach Dip (Ranch)
Veggie Tray
Water Bottles with Custom Labels (Princess Emma)

Stepmother's Tea & Princess Pink Lemonade

The Cake!!!!

The Cupcakes
Cinderella & Blue Bird Fondant Toppers
Magical Pumpkins
Drizella's Beads (Sixlets)

Magic Wands
Party Favors:
The Favors!!

Bippity Boppity Boo Wands
Cinderella Crowns (there are 12 stacked here)

Prince Charming Swords & Shields
"Castle" House: already owned (by Little Tikes)
Coloring Pages: free printables from internet
Necklace Design: Beads (50% off) & Stretch Magic at Hobby Lobby
Dress Up Station: a gift built by her Granddad. Tutorial here. I will be adding "dress up" to the front
Piñata: made by me (I will try to attempt to post a tutorial but am not promising anything)

Crown Sandwiches: CROWN/TIARA Cutter 5in
Carriage Wheels: tortilla pinwheels made by her Meme
Royal Coach Bread Bowl: take a large bread loaf and hallow out for dip. I used tortillas for the wheels and small circles from top piece of bread bowl as hubcaps. Attached with a toothpick.

Cupcake Fondant Toppers: made by me using homemade marshmallow fondant
Magical Pumpkins: Brach's Mellowcreme Pumpkins (also seen at Target)
Drizella's Beads: Sixlets from Hobby Lobby
Glitter "3" Candle: Walmart

Feather Wreath & Balls: reused from my oldest daughter's 1st bday party. I took a pink boa and hot glued onto styrofoam
Water Bottle Labels: made by me and is a FREEBIE (with options) in this post
Banners: made by me and is a FREEBIE in this post
Food Labels: made by me

Fairy Godmother Doll: Amazon
Bippity Boppity Boo Wands: made by me following a combo of these tutorials: here & here
Cinderella Crowns: Target party bin
Swords: Target party bin
Shields: Dollar Tree

Happy Copying!

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