Monday, August 31, 2015

Reese's Tooth

Reese's tooth FINALLY came out on Saturday! 

She has a "window" now and has suddenly become good at whistling.

Saturday was an interesting day! She ended up having a friend over that afternoon to spend the night. At our dinner table, her friend lost her very 1st tooth! 2 friends on the same day both lost a tooth at our house. How random is that?!

It was so fun that they got to get ready for the Tooth Fairy together!

Friday, August 28, 2015

First Week of 1st Grade

Reese's 1st week of 1st Grade is complete!

Monday- She said her day was "amazing!" Reese and her friend decided 1st grade is better than Kindergarten! She keeps saying how nice her teacher is, which is great. I got to see her in the lunchroom today while I volunteered. She was so happy! Her front tooth is hanging on by a thread! She wants to loose it at school so she can get a spirit stick.
Tuesday- Her day was "so exciting". She got to present her mystery bag of 3 personal items (like show and tell) to her classmates. Reese's tooth is hanging on for dear life!
Wednesday- Her day was "excellent!" I could tell she was tired today after school today even though she denied it. Her tooth refuses to fall out & she won't let me pull it because she wants a spirit stick from school.
Thursday- She said her day was "awesome!" I got to see her in the lunchroom again while I volunteered. I was messing with her pretending like I was going to pull her tooth right then and there. Her friends thought it was funny. She looked really happy chatting with friends.
Friday- "Amazing!" She brought home her very first 100! Special moment for sure! She enjoyed decorating a dinosaur book character in class today. The snaggle tooth is still there!

Sporting her new Spirit Shirt!

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Growing Up

I know I have already blogged these pictures but I cannot get over how much Reese has grown over the last year!

Here are a few comparisons of the 1st day of Kinder vs. First Grade:

Her feet touch the ground now!

Monday, August 24, 2015

Reese's 1st Day of First Grade!

Reese is in First Grade!

She requested eggs with gravy & bacon for breakfast. Who puts gravy on their eggs?! Reese does.
First Grade Survey

When did she get so grown up?!

"Reese, you don't look excited."
Excited Face!

Last year her feet didn't touch the ground!

Reese led us to her classroom

Waiting in the hall with her classmates before the morning bell!
I was the only nervous one this year! Reese was so incredibly excited and didn't have one ounce of anxiety about starting 1st grade. It really helps that she knows most of her classmates already. I can't wait to hear how her 1st day of 1st grade went!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Meet the Teacher {1st Grade}

I can not believe Reese is going to be a 1st Grader! Today was "Meet the Teacher" and we drove back from our beach vacation just to be able to go. Reese found out while we were on the beach that her teacher was going to be Mrs. Diamond! I was so relieved when we found out since that is exactly who Reese wanted to get. I asked her why she wanted her and she said "because her name is neat!"

After buying new spirit shirts & depositing lunch money into her account we got to go into her new classroom. Reese walked around until she found her desk right up front next to the teacher's desk. She was so excited the desk had a storage cubby under it to store her school supplies.

Reese & Mrs. Diamond

We were thrilled to see Reese knew almost all of her classmates! A lot of them stayed together from last year, plus she knew several others that filtered in from different teachers.

This is going to be a great year!