Friday, August 28, 2015

First Week of 1st Grade

Reese's 1st week of 1st Grade is complete!

Monday- She said her day was "amazing!" Reese and her friend decided 1st grade is better than Kindergarten! She keeps saying how nice her teacher is, which is great. I got to see her in the lunchroom today while I volunteered. She was so happy! Her front tooth is hanging on by a thread! She wants to loose it at school so she can get a spirit stick.
Tuesday- Her day was "so exciting". She got to present her mystery bag of 3 personal items (like show and tell) to her classmates. Reese's tooth is hanging on for dear life!
Wednesday- Her day was "excellent!" I could tell she was tired today after school today even though she denied it. Her tooth refuses to fall out & she won't let me pull it because she wants a spirit stick from school.
Thursday- She said her day was "awesome!" I got to see her in the lunchroom again while I volunteered. I was messing with her pretending like I was going to pull her tooth right then and there. Her friends thought it was funny. She looked really happy chatting with friends.
Friday- "Amazing!" She brought home her very first 100! Special moment for sure! She enjoyed decorating a dinosaur book character in class today. The snaggle tooth is still there!

Sporting her new Spirit Shirt!

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