Monday, July 28, 2008

3 Months Pregnant!!

Wow! I am 3 months pregnant already :o) I had lost about 5 pounds, but then gained 1 back so far. I have been doing fine and have only gotten sick twice so far. I have a sono on Thursday!! The photo uploader won't load my pict for the week for some reason.

This past weekend we drove to Sugarland to look a baby furniture. We ended up finding the perfect nursery furniture for us! We haven't purchased anything yet, but we love it :o) Here is the flyer: We plan on getting the crib and the hutch so far.

We also found a stroller we really like! Here is video on YouTube:

During Week 12: The fingerprints are now present along with all 20 tooth buds! The digestive system is practing working. The bone marrow is making white blood cells to fight infection.

Monday, July 21, 2008

11 Weeks!!

I have been doing great! I can't believe I am almost through the 1st trimester already! The nausea is completely gone and I have only gotten sick once (so far). I still have not gained any weight, which is good. You are suppossed to only gain a few pounds in the 1st trimester anyways.

During Week 11: The baby is now the size of a lime, just over 2 inches! Hair follicles are forming along with nail beds and tooth buds. The fingers and toes are no longer webbed :o) The ears are in the final place and finished forming. The tongue, palate and nipples are all visible. The torso is starting to straighten out.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

OB Appointment @ 10.1 Weeks

Cody & I went to the OB this morning and everything went great!! I still haven't gained any weight, actually I lost 1.5 pounds!! He changed my prenatal vitamins for me. The most exciting part is we got to hear the baby's heartbeat using a doppler. The heartbeat was beating strong at 150-160 beats per minute!! It was so neat to hear our little peanut :o) I go back for a sono in 2 weeks.

Monday, July 14, 2008

10 Weeks!!!

So far I have been doing great!! My stomach is definately starting to get bigger and I am so excited!! The nausea seems to be over!! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow morning.

During Week 10: The baby is now the size of a prune, about 1.5 inches long. The iris of the eyes, hair and fingernails are all starting to form. The bones and cartilage are forming too!

Monday, July 7, 2008

9 Weeks Today!!

Only 31 more weeks to go :o) The nausea seems to be under control as long as I take my prenatal vitamins right before I fall asleep. The scale still says I haven't gained any weight, actually I lost a pound. Some how though, my pants are starting to get tight. I can't wait to start showing!!

During Week 9: Our baby has officially graduated from an embryo to a fetus! It is approximately 1 inch long and the size of a green olive. The fingers and toes are now verifieable and we have elbows. This week, tiny muscles are starting to form.