Tuesday, July 6, 2010

27 Weeks (aka: 3rd Trimester)/17months!

Hello 3rd Trimester!! Today I had my OB check up and Emma's heartbeat was 148. I passed my glucose tolerance test with flying colors and my iron levels are still good :) I have gained 4# in the last month...geez!

27 Weeks with Emma:

27 Weeks with Reese:

27 Weeks:
You are now in the third trimester, and last, of your pregnancy! Your baby's crown-to-rump length is about 9.6 inches and your baby's total length is approximately 15.3 inches! Your baby now weighs about 2 pounds 3 ounces and is going to grow rapidly during this last trimester! Your uterus is about 2.8 inches above your bellybutton. 

Reese (17 months):
Words cannot express the vocabulary she is developing each day! All the sudden and clear as day she can say "Amen", "diaper", "all done" and "papa". She also tries to say "book", "block" "Harley", "Bailey", "yes", "milk" and "spoon" (which sounds like "poon"). Reese now knows to fold her hands together for prayer each night and it melts my heart watching her get so excited as I pray with her. She then repeats "Amen" after I say it :)

Happy 4th of July Everyone!!

I was in the kitchen preparing Reese's lunch when she came walking around the corner wearing daddy's dress shoes....
....I was cracking up laughing!!

My daughter....multitasking!! Drinking water from the splash pool while holding juice cup :)

July 2nd was my mom's birthday and we were so excited when her and Ashley came to stay the weekend! Happy Birthday Mom!!

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