Wednesday, January 22, 2014

What Are The Odds?

I wanted to look up the odds of having a boy after 3 girls and came across this website. I found it very interesting!

Did you know:

  • Parents are slightly more likely to stop having children if the first is a girl
  • Parents of two girls are 3% more likely to stop having children than parents of two boys
  • Parents of 3 same-gender children are only 2% more likely to have a 4th child than parents of mixed-gender (which shows gender doesn't really affect having a 4th child)
  • After having 2 girls the odds of a 3rd girl is more likely
  • For the 4th child, the odds actually increase for having a boy after 3 girls
  • For 4 children families: 85% are mixed gender, 9% are all boys, and only 5.5% are all girls

I find this fascinating for sure!


Liz said...

Guess I'm in the 5.5%. That's crazy! Cool stats :)

Marissa said...

Are you Team Green?

Tonya said...

Yes we are Team Green this time! Here is the post:

Holly said...

I know a family with 6 girls, no boys! I also know a family with 4 boys, then a girl... and a family of 8 where it went girl, 5 boys, then girl, boy, girl. I know a lot of big families :) My guess is girl #4 for you guys!