Tuesday, January 14, 2014

18 Weeks

Total weight gain: 8lbs
Fetal size: a sweet potato!
Movement: Yes! I am starting to feel the baby kick and punch more through the day now vs. just at night
Symptoms: Occasional heartburnTums!!
Running: none due to a broken toe :( 

We have our anatomy scan TOMORROW!!!! I am starting to get nervous. Praying the cord will have all 3 vessels this time and hoping we can stay strong to not find out gender this time! This will not be easy for me since we found out with all 3 girls but I feel in my heart this is way to go with this baby :)


Anonymous said...

You might want a surprise, but I really want to know... Lol. Good luck on your scan. Hugs to all.

Brenden said...

Praying for a healthy anatomy scan for sweet baby! That's so exciting you're not finding out the gender. Boy or girl, it's a wonderful blessing! :) Will you be sharing the top name contenders?!

Tonya said...

Thanks Bren! We have our girl name (I just knew it before we got pregnant). Lost on boy names. Name will be announced at delivery as well :) Its how I dreamed it.