Thursday, January 16, 2014

Gender Games

Part of the excitement of being Team Green is playing all the gender theory games! Here is what I have compiled so far…
  • Maternal Instinct: Girl
  • Genetics: Cody's Grandpa had 4 Girls
  • Gender Dreams: I had 1 dream of delivery and it was a Girl with the name we really picked out
  • Chinese Gender Chart: did 8 different charts- 5 say Girl and 3 say Boy
  • Wedding Ring Test: Girl
  • Even & Odd: Girl (click here to read about it)… but it was wrong with 2 of my girls
  • Morning Sickness: Boy (yes=girl; no=boy)
  • Cravings: Boy & Girl … I tend to want more foods with nuts (peanut butter, wasabi almonds, peanuts, Dark Chocolate Peanut M&Ms)
  • Fetal Heart Rate: Girl (less than 150bpm=boy; higher than 150bpm=girl)
  • Angle of the Dangle: Girl (click here to read about it) and then judge the angle for yourself below…

Baby Sweatman #4 @ 18w1d
19w+d with Scarlett
18w2d with Emma
18w2d with Emma
24w4d with Reese
To me, it looks like all 3 of my girls have the rounded foreheads (versus sloping straight back) and baby #4 does too.

Happy gender guessing!!!

*Gender Poll located at top right of blog
*These are all just theories and none are proven accurate gender predictors.

UPDATE: check out What Are The Odds here

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