Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Anatomy Sono: It's A...


That's right….we are "Team Green" this pregnancy! We chose not to find out the gender this time. 

We are BLESSED to be having a HEALTHY little one! 
  • Baby was measuring exactly on track at 18 weeks 1 day and approximately 8oz. 
  • The umbilical cord is completely normal with 3 vessels, which was one of our biggest worries since we had history of a 2 vessel cord. 
  • Placenta is posterior (a normal location)
  • Baby was laying transverse (sideways) and all curled up with it's legs up by it's head. 
  • Baby kept putting it's right hand up by it's mouth and made us laugh with its left arm stretched out behind it's head (like it was relaxing). 
  • We could count all 10 fingers!
  • Baby has a 4 chamber heart, stomach, diaphragm, 2 kidneys, and healthy growing brain!
  • The sono tech told us when it was time to look away so we wouldn't see the gender. She told us the legs were crossed and it may have been hard to of found out anyway.
  • We do have a name picked out for a little girl and are working on a our boy name option.
  • We will announce the name when the baby is born!
I have added a gender poll to right upper side of my blog for people to vote on gender until delivery, so please vote if you would like.

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