Tuesday, February 4, 2014

21 Weeks!

Total weight gain: 13lbs
Fetal size: a pomegranate!
Movement: Baby is most active around 9pm when I am laying in bed
Symptoms: I have not been sleeping well. I woke up at 4:20am yesterday morning and 4:12am this morning due to sinus/allergies, which means I then need to pee, which means I can't fall back asleep.
Running: Ran 3.82 miles straight with no walk breaks. My last few runs I was having to take short walk breaks but not this last run. It felt good to run like I used to (although slower). 
I wonder what people think when they see this belly!
I am upset with my weight gain this past week but the whole reason I keep record of it is to keep me accountable. We ate out way too many times this past week (Papasitos, Outback, late night Superbowl snacks) and I know this is the cause. Hoping some of it is water weight from the salty foods and will even out with better eating. 

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