Tuesday, February 11, 2014

22 Weeks

Total weight gain: 13lbs
Fetal size: a papaya!
Movement: Not sure how the baby is laying at this point. I'm getting kicks in multiple places now! I know have a knee or an elbow pushing up at the top of my belly.
Symptoms: Still having occasional heartburn when I lay down but it's nothing major
Running: Nada  boo!!! This past week was CRAZY weather + Reese's birthday/party + family in town.

I am thankful I didn't didn't gain any weight from last week! Somehow I managed to stay on track even though we went out to eat with out-of-town family (Papasitos/Bigz Burger Barn/BBQ) and having birthday cake and girl scout cookies around the house! So this definitely feels like an accomplishment!!

Even though I have done much better with weight this pregnancy, I feel like this baby is bigger than the others. I'm sure some of that is the fact this is my 4th. 

We have not made any progress with a boy name. I asked Cody the other day if we could discuss them and he said "maybe if we don't talk about it, we will have a chance of having a boy!" I laughed so hard because we both feel this baby is a girl. 


Suzanne Kelley said...

found this article interesting. I guess we have another 16-18 weeks until we find out if it has merit.

Tonya said...

Well they define "older" over 40 and since I am no where near 40 and have 3 girls already, I don't think it holds any merit at all. Thanks for the article :)