Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Reese's Snow White 5th Birthday Party {The Details}

I'm finally getting to post about Reese's Snow White 5th Birthday Party! She had so much fun and was blessed with a lot of friends and family who came to help her celebrate her special day!

The Food:
Miners Munchies (Chips) & Dopey's Ranch Dip

Happy's Vegetables

Peanut Butter & Jelly Pies
Wicked Witches (crown shaped)
Hearts of a Pig
Woodland Fruit
Wishing Well Water
Non-Poison Apple Juice
Witches Brew (Tea)
Jello Gems

Candy Tray: True Love, Bashful's Blushing Hearts, Prince Charming's Kisses

The Cake
Cake with Glitter Blue Candle
Snow White's Mini Apple Pies
Doc's Apple-a-Day
Seven Dwarfs Beard Station

Balloon PiƱata Garland

Beard Making Station in Action
Aunt Ashley helping Scarlett (aka: Princess Rapunzel)
Snow White trying on her Seven Dwarf Beard
Cinderella in her Seven Dwarf Beard
Balloon Pinata (the worst apple shape ever but the kids loved it! Hint: use a toothpick for popping)

We also had a bounce house set up for the kids, which was the bulk of the entertainment and they loved it!
Gift Collection

Favor Table

Whistle While You Work!

Seven Dwarfs Mine for Gems (Ring Pops in brown sugar)

The Details:

Banner & Water Bottle Labels: free here
Cake: LydiasCakes
Food Labels: made by me
Invitation: made by me
PB&J Pies: Smucker's Uncrustables bought at Costco. Cut a pie "x" in center once defrosted.
Seven Dwarf Beard: free template
Snow White's Dress: Etsy seller LoverDoversClothing (we re-used from Halloween)
Wooden Bird Whistles: Amazon

*Party guests & gift opening will be blogged separately.

*If anyone local is interested in these food labels and assembled birthday banner, let me know as I am willing to sell them.

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