Thursday, February 6, 2014

Happy 5th Birthday Reese!

How in the world is Reese FIVE already?! She has grown up into a beautiful and smart BIG girl. It is hard to fathom that she will be starting Kindergarten this year. Her baby & toddler days are over … I have been fighting back tears all day. It truly is bittersweet.

We celebrated her birthday earlier this week when Cody was off and it was definitely a milestone day! Reese got her very 1st haircut (or maybe I should say trim since I wasn't about to let them cut her curls off)!

I also wanted to take her to pick out her very 1st charm bracelet. I still remember getting mine and wanted to make sure I passed this tradition along to her. I know Reese felt incredibly special at this moment!

That evening, Reese got to pick dinner & desert so we went to Chuck E Cheese & Orange Leaf. Little did she know, I had snuck candles in my purse and we were ready to sing to her!

This morning when we woke up we had a special surprise for Reese ... it had snowed! We couldn't believe she got snow on her 5th birthday and I am sure she will remember this forever! I kept asking her how she made it snow on her special day :)

After we were numb from the cold, we went back inside for breakfast. Reese requested "popping eggs" (which I sprinkled) & bacon. I also surprised her with birthday banana yogurt muffins.
This evening Reese was surprised by her little boyfriend, Luke, who brought over a box of cupcakes for her birthday! It was so sweet and thoughtful and I know it made her day! I love watching Reese & Luke interact together - pure joy!

Reese is so excited and anxious for her Snow White party this Saturday. She truly is a little princess in our books!

You are such an incredible blessing to us! You made us parents. We still remember wanting to be pregnant with you so badly and we remember the moment we found out we were! We remember hearing the words "it's a girl" and already knew your name was Reese. We still remember every detail about the day you were born. Our hearts were full. 

You never cease to amaze us on how incredibly smart you are. You are constantly asking questions and making connections that I know we weren't able to do at age five. You want to know everything and remember the smallest details. You are so eager for five year old things to happen: lose a tooth & start kindergarten. You have already decided who you will marry when you grow up!

We wish we could hit pause for a bit. You are growing up way too fast. We are proud of the girl you have become. We are lucky & truly blessed! We pray you always know how special you are to us! We love you with all our hearts! 

Love, Mom & Dad

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The Strickland Family said...

This made me tear up too! I too cannot believe that she is already five. Love you, Reese! Happy 5th birthay!