Thursday, June 18, 2015

Georgia's 1 Year Well Check

This morning Georgia had her 1 year well check.

Weight: 18 lbs 14oz (35%)
Height: 29 inches (42%)
Head Circumference: 19 inches (99%)

I knew it would involve vaccines & a finger prick for a hemoglobin check. She got 4 vaccines today, including the live virus MMR & Varicella. Praying she doesn't react the way Emma reacted to hers!

Her hemoglobin was low at 9.5 so we get to start daily iron supplements. I'm not surprised, my other girls have gone through this too.

She also had a spot vision test and passed :)

I had a thorough conversation with our pediatrician about the GI Specialist's recommendation for toddler formula once weaned. She was in agreement that I could continue on the almond milk and focus on getting Georgia her essential oils and fats through table foods. If she is having a weight issue at her 15mo well check, then she will suggest adding on the toddler formula to supplement.

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