Friday, March 28, 2014

April PreK Lesson Plans

~Here is my April calendar~

*NOTE: all the material/links below are assigned to days on the calendar. Please take a look at my calendar to see how I break the material up. This can easily be altered to your own needs.

~Bible Stories~

The Servant King read-along
A Dark Night in the Garden read-along
The Sun Stops Shining read-along
God's Wonderful Surprise read-along
Going Home read-along

~Bible Songs~
Free As A Bee sing-along

~Chapel Music~
These are the 2 CD we use for our chapel music. The music is actually REALLY good! You can find the motions for her main songs on YouTube.

Hole in the Bottom of the Sea sing-along
Whole World sing-along
Creepy Crawly Calypso sing-along

The Tiny Seed read-along

All About the Letter A-Z worksheets
Letter Identification A-Z printables
Alphabet coloring here or here
Sight words flashcardscolor by numberssearchsentences
Blends: Activity booklets
Numbers of the Week here
Mary, Mary Quite Contrary IB book,

Letter V Itsy Bitsy Book
Letter V Reader Book here
Veterinarian Checklist here
Blow Painting Fun idea

W is for Water coloring page
Letter W Itsy Bitsy Book
Letter W Reader Book
Window Washer activity

Letter X Dot coloring, Mini book here or here
Dirt Snack Cups idea
Mud Painting here
Letter X Beginner Reader here or here
Easter Coloring pages
Marshmallow Easter Bunny craft
Q-tip Easter Eggs here
Potato Stamping here
X-Ray Craft idea

~New Life~
Resurrection Sequence Coloring here
Resurrection Rolls snack tutorial
Take Care of the Earth mini reader
Plant Seeds here
Yarn coloring page
Magic Pop Up Flowers here
Read It/Trace It (I can see the sun. The sun is yellow. You said to come.) here
Piñata Cupcakes tutorial here or Piñata Cookies tutorial here

~Bugs & Flowers~
Spring Coloring page
Bug craft
Water Through Leaves experiment (talk about parts of a leaf on day 3)
Lifecycle of a Butterfly use template with edible idea
Color by Number here
Clothespin Butterflies here
Z Beginning Sounds here (free in the preview)
Flower Unit here
Parts of a Flower art
Spring Flower Art idea

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