Tuesday, March 25, 2014

28 Weeks {7 Months}

Total weight gain: 20.5 lbs
Fetal size: an eggplant!
Movement: I got kicked really hard the other day that it actually hurt and made me jump!
Symptoms: Suprapubic bone pain when I am sleeping, which causes a lot of tossing & turning. My belly button has popped out on the top, which didn't happen till the very end with my girls!

Hello 3rd Trimester!!!

My next OB appt is tomorrow and so far I have not been called about my glucose test. So I am assuming I passed...no news is good news! I will find out for sure tomorrow and ask him to feel for position. I am pretty confident this baby is now head down.

Reese is adamant that we name a baby boy "Thomas". She will suggest it over and over multiple times a day. Sorry Reese, "Thomas" is not happening! When I tell the girls the boy name I like versus the boy name Cody likes they each pick the one that Cody likes (of course, they are daddy's girls)!  So I think I am getting outvoted if this baby is a boy. We still have time to decide ;)

We pulled the baby swing and vibrating chair out of the attic and I have washed & assembled them back together in the baby's room. This has made the girls very excited!! They go put baby dolls in them and start rocking the swing. Reese walked up to the swing today and said "Hello, my little angel!" I love moments like this!! Reese has been getting to feel the baby kick a lot lately and even kissed my belly yesterday. 

I think these girls will be wonderful big sisters to this little boy or girl!

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