Saturday, March 10, 2012

It's Magically Delicious!

I've never really done anything as far as decorating or baking for St. Patrick's Day in the past but when I saw this rainbow cake tutorial I just had to try it! Here is my take on following the tutorial:

What You Need:
Box White Cake Mix
Rainbow Food Gel Colors
Angel Food/Coffee Cake Pan
Food Scale (not absolutely necessary)
Favorite Icing Recipe (here's mine)

I prepared a box of white cake mix according to the box. I then got out 6 bowls for the rainbow colors. I used my food scale to split up the batter:
Red- 6oz of cake batter
Orange- 5oz of cake batter
Yellow- 4oz of cake batter
Green- 3oz of cake batter
Blue- 2oz of cake batter
Purple- 1oz of cake batter 
(*Note: my purple didn't show up so I'd do a bit more next time)

I added a few drops of food gel until desired color reached

Pour remaining white batter into a greased coffee cake pan (Wilton's Cake Release is my favorite)
Pour each colored batter into Ziploc bags and cut the corner just before using. The bag gives you more control than spooning from the bowl. *Note: I had trouble controlling the small amount of purple batter in the sandwich size bag. A snack bag would have been a better size for that small amount.
 Snip the corner of the red batter and make a wide ring keeping it inside the white batter (be careful to not let it touch the sides *I made this mistake). Continue adding each color keeping it within the ring of the color before it.

Here are all my colors (see how my purple was kinda wild?! Also notice how my red starts touching the outer sides of the pan...this affects the will see below)
Bake it at 325 degrees to prevent too much doming of the cake.

Remove from pan and allow to cool

 Isn't it pretty?!?! 
**Too bad this is upside down and I didn't notice until 1/2 through crumb coating it! 

I found it unnecessary to level off the domed portion since mine barely even domed.

So with the purple side down and the white side up, begin to crumb coat the cake with your favorite icing (with green food coloring added). 

A crumb coat is simply a coat of icing that you allow to harden before icing it for real. I iced it then set in the freezer for a few minutes.
I have an icing bag and one tip which looks like a big star. I started at the bottom and make little icing dots all the way around.
 Then covered the top

It looks like a field of clovers!
 I couldn't wait very long before cutting into it to see how the rainbow turned out!! 

Not bad for a 1st attempt! See how the rainbow curves back up on the right side (that's because the red batter touched the side).

 Perfectly unperfect & magically delicious!!

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The Pokornys said...

So cute!! I may have to try one myself :)