Friday, March 30, 2012

Emma is 18 Months Old!

Emma is 1.5 years old already!

Vocabulary: Emma can say "hi", "ouch", "boo boo", "more, "dog", "what's that?", "Emma", "momma", "dada", "eye", "all done", "apple", "jacket", "uh oh", & "oo-oo ah-ah" (like a monkey). She tries to say "ball", "duck", "airplane", "thank you" & "water"

Sign Language: She signs "more" (as she says it), "please", "eat", "all done"

Paci: WE ARE PACI FREE! Tonight is night #3 without a paci and we aren't turning back (we lost several in our recent road trip and I refuse to buy more)

Sleep: Emma is a great sleeper! She sleeps on her stomach with her legs and arms tucked under her and her bottom in the air ;) She sleeps from 7pm-7am in her toddler bed. She does not get out of the bed once she's awake and will sit there and play with her animals until we get her (just like Reese).

Activity: She is our climber and is fearless! She has no hesitations falling backwards in your lap knowing you will catch her. She has even tried copying Reese and attempted flips off the couch. She is always side by side with Reese playing and copying her. She usually has a skinned knee from falling outside and LOVES to wrestle with her daddy ;)

Appetite: This kid eats practically everything! I feel blessed to have a child with a good appetite and who likes all kinds of meats and vegetables (she get's that from her daddy)! There hasn't been a vegetable, meat or fruit she hasn't liked. The only thing she will choose not to eat are sugary sweets like cupcakes/icing and some cookies. Makes for a healthier kid, right?! Oh and I can't forget that she refuses to drink milk but loves cheese and yogurt.

Personality: Emma has the best personality! She is outgoing, happy, easy to entertain and loves doing anything her sister is doing. They will be such great friends growing up!!

Teeth: All of her teeth are in except her 2 year molars...and boy does she hate teething!

Hair/Eyes: She's still our blond hair, blue-eyed beauty!

Stats: She goes to the pedi on Monday for a well visit and I believe 1 shot.

In honor of Emma's LOVE for dogs her 2nd birthday party will be a puppy party...although we aren't ready for her to be 2 yet! Happy 1.5 years Emma Grace!!

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