Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Happy 3 Monthday Scarlett

Scarlett is THREE months old today!!

Time is flying by way too fast. She is growing like crazy, incredibly strong, and full of smiles! She is "cooing" at us now, bearing her weight on her legs, and scooting on the floor when laying on her back. We think she will be early with the milestones. She likes to sit in her bumbo for about 5 minutes before getting tired. She is still nursing like a champ and can wear some 6 month clothes already!  She is already settled into a bedtime routine and gets a bath at 8:30pm and is asleep by 9pm. She will sleep 6-7 hours straight the 1st stretch of the night then goes back to 2 hour increments.

 Happy 3 Months Scarlett!

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