Thursday, June 6, 2013

Sand Painting Activity

Today we went outside for "sand painting" as part of our June lesson. It touches both on the summer aspect of sand and texture at the same time for our "touch" sense.

*Unfortunately, I didn't realize the settings got messed up on my camera until after I took these. I tried to recover them the best I could but they are still badly over exposed - sorry. 

Step 1: Squirt massive amounts of glue all over the paper & Step 2: Sprinkle handfuls of sand over the glue!
Step 3: Dump excess sand back into the bucket
 Step 4: Admire masterpiece!
Final works of art...


Holly said...

I'm so impressed with your lesson planning and all that you're doing with your girls! Also- where do you get your book ideas and how do you integrate that in your homeschool plan? Are you doing activities tied into the books? Do you take the girls to the library to pick them up?

Tonya said...

Hi! Thanks so much for your interest. It makes me feel better knowing someone is reading the material that is taking me so much time to post about!

For right now, I am using the book list that I had on previous calendars from the girls' old daycare. Although I've thrown several of my own in for June. I had most of the books already. I ordered The Little Mouse, Red Ripe Strawberry & Big Hungry Bear on Amazon. If you have a Prime membership (free if a student), you get free 2 day shipping!

Yes, I find activities to go along with the books. The strawberry craft, art & magnet page all go with the the book I mentioned above. We also have a cd with a bear hunt song that the girls love doing ...I'll link that up to the June plans :) I did a lot of book activities in May for Rosie's Walk but haven't blogged May yet.

The library is next on our list to attempt, but no we haven't been yet.

I hope you will continue to follow along! I'm working on getting July posted soon!