Friday, June 21, 2013

Older Than Dirt {FREEBIE Labels & Banner!}

I was recently asked by my mother-in-law to help plan a 60th Birthday Party. After some short searching for ideas we were both sold on the "Older Than Dirt" theme!

I saw this idea on Pinterest but couldn't get the free labels to download without having to become some sort of "premium member".

60th labelsSo... I made my own labels instead and I think they are pretty cute! I printed them out on card stock, hole punched them and then tied them around the lids with twine. 

I got the 4oz. quilted jelly jars at Hobby Lobby during their 50% glass jar sale but they can also be found on Amazon.

I applied the word "dirt" out of vinyl using my Cricut machine and transfer paper to the flat (1in x1.75in) spot on the jar. I thought this process would take forever since I was doing 30 jars but the transfer paper made it super fast and I had them done in no time! 

Simply blend up Oreo cookies and fill the jars to look like dirt! (note: it takes about 4-5 Oreos to fill one 4 oz. jar). 

To download my FREEBIE labels click here!
Proud of my Mother-in-Law's craftiness - she set the jars up in a cupcake stand!
I made some simple signs in Word for her to frame and use for the party.

I also made a matching birthday banner that I laminated, hole punched at each corner, and strung with the same twine. I chose to laminate the banner for durability since it will be hung outside. I will try and update with a photo of it hanging once the party is set up!

To download my FREEBIE banner click here!

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Marie Binkowski said...

I was not able to print the labels. Shifted over to the far right and I could not get it over to a full page. Also, even after enlarging, the 'happy 60th' was so light it was barely readable. I could only print the first 2 labels and the rest of the page was chopped off. Tried everything to get it to work and would not shift to a full page view.

Tonya said...

Hmmm, I am not sure. I printed a BUNCH just fine. It is a pdf file so the settings don't change. Not sure why you and having to "enlarge" any of the files. Maybe try from a different computer.

Julie Beamish said...

Where did you get your keep calm you are older than dirt sign and how do you attach your flags to make the banner?

Tonya said...

I think I remember making the signs in Word. For the banner I hole punched each upper corner of the flag and then tied the flags together with matching twine.