Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Preschool Followers

I realize that me posting my lesson plans only goes so far if you don't know what lessons & activities I have tied to them.

If anyone is actually following along with our pre schooling and is interested in detailed lessons, comment here and I may take the time to post links, ideas, books etc to go along with my monthly calendars.

**UPDATE: due to positive response on Facebook, check out the new lessons tab here
***P.S. It would be nice to get a comment on here every once in a while!!!


cjm said...

I'll comment here. :) I know the feeling. People read but I only know because they tell me in-person.

Tonya said...

Thanks so much! I am actually debating not posting lesson plans after July due to no comments. It is so time consuming to share my work and people just glance over it.