Sunday, June 30, 2013

Color Me Rad!

I am so proud of Cody & I!! Today we ran in our first 5K called Color Me Rad! We showed up bright and early sporting our RAD attire!

Team "MoHawk" was ready to go! I am so happy our dear friends were willing to join us for this experience!
We waited at the start line where the Wounded Warriors started off the race first. In the mean time, we started getting colored RAD! (thanks Cody for the bunny ears...classic)
Although it is a novelty run and they don't even time it... we seriously ran it! IN THE MIDDLE OF A THUNDERSTORM as a matter of fact! As soon as we started the race a thunderstorm came out of no where and we got DRENCHED! Our shoes were 5 pounds heavier, we couldn't see out of our glasses, the RAD chalk turned into more of a paint ... but it was AWESOME!
Cody gave me a hard time before hand asking me what we were going to bet on for who would win the race. Obviously, he thought he had a chance to beat me. He was wrong! Which is why I am already done and standing at the finish line taking his picture :) Love you Cody - awesome job!
 Here is our after photo! I timed my run at 26:20, which would be my fastest time. I was in the first group of people to cross the finish line but since they don't time it, I don't know where I placed. (yes, those are real thunderstorm clouds above us!)
Team MoHawk - Totally RAD!
We had such a great time and are already trying to find more races to run in!!

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