Sunday, June 16, 2013

Happy Father's Day 2013

Happy Father's Day to one AMAZING father & husband! We couldn't be more blessed and I am so thankful for our family!!! Thank you for supporting us, loving us and holding us together!

After getting back into town this morning the girls were excited to give Daddy their gifts!

The girls each gave Daddy a handmade tie!
More details on this Tie Craft here

Then they gave him a frame with each of them with a saying attached "I try so hard to walk in your shoes"...

Printable here

Not sure who was more excited about opening gifts....

The spatula is hand stamped "We flippin love you (heart) Reese, Emma & Scarlett"

The girls had one more present to give Daddy...

Reese was proud of the pink & purple Hot Wheels she picked out!

He got a road map t-shirt so he can lay on the floor and get a "Hot Wheels Back Massage" from the girls!
Etsy seller: The Blue Basket Shop

Finally, I pulled out my gift that was in hiding....

Big smiles for his floor burner for brewing beer!

In the afternoon we had some friends over for a relaxing outdoor BBQ dinner ... and it was DELISH! We had ribs, sausage, mashed potatoes, Gruene beans, rolls, deviled eggs, homemade banana pudding, brownies, pound cake, & melt-aways!!! I think all the dads really enjoyed the evening and yummy food!

And Daddy got that back massage!

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