Saturday, June 1, 2013

Our Harley Boy


I still remember reading the ad in the newspaper listing the littler of boxer puppies that Cody and I drove out to Kingsville to see. It was there that we met you! You were the "runt" of the litter and we immediately picked you and you picked us! It was Cody & I's 1st summer together - summer of 2002.

We were SO proud of you! We went and bought you a "Harley Davidson" collar, leash and dog bowl so you could live up to your name!
 Daddy was proud of you too! You were our "boy" and little did we know our only boy.

I remember you didn't even know how to eat puppy food when we brought you home and had to syringe feed you for a period of time. 

I remember you used to love walking your own leash by holding the handle in your mouth (and you were very good at it too)!

You loved laying upside down when playing and that made us laugh!

Daddy used to love tying you up like a taquito in a huge quilt!
You helped me celebrate daddy's 23rd birthday...
 (September 2005)
In the fall of 2005, we gave you a best friend...Bailey! From then on - you two were inseparable! She loved you with all her heart!!

You were a great big snuggler (and a great pillow, footrest and step stool for the girls)!
You always loved fishing with your daddy and pretend to chase the fishing line as he would cast off!
You enjoyed going on camping trips with us! (May 2008)
You even used the dog food bowl as a pillow in the tent!
You would make us laugh because your tongue never seemed to fit in your mouth!

You always enjoyed the holidays!
October 2008

In February 2009, we introduced you to Reese and you immediately kissed her feet!

You were always such a good sport with Reese! 
(January 2010)
(April 2010)

After you had gum surgery and weren't feeling well, Reese took good care of you to make you better! (May 2010)

You posed with Emma when she was 6 months old. Emma would always smile so big when she saw you!
(March 2011)
I really wish I had taken a baby picture with you & Scarlett but I can't seem to find one. "Harley" was one of Scarlett's first words and she definitely loved you! She loved throwing you your toy from her swing!

You always snuggled with Bailey - even if she stole your treats (2012)
I wish I had been better about taking pictures of you with the girls before we knew you were sick. This past March your heart started to hurt - and so did ours. I tried my best to make sure the girls would have pictures of you to cherish forever. 

May 22, 2013

May 27, 2013 we spoiled you so much! I think you got a whole bag of dog treats in one day! 

May 28, 2013 was our last day with you. Our hearts are completely broken. You just stared at me with your eyes as I sat there crying. These are our last pictures of you.
You were happy, relaxed and peaceful on your last day. I think it made it harder for us to say goodbye seeing you so happy - but we are so glad that you felt good before leaving us and not hurting. Thank you for staying strong for us on your last few days with us!

You will no longer be in pain. Your heart will no longer hurt. You will no longer have seizures. 

After you left us we presented each of the girls a framed photo of just you with each of them to display in their rooms so that they can always see you. This made them (& me) happy!

Words cannot express how much we miss you! 
Our hearts hurt, tears flow freely, & your name is still called. I still walk around thinking I'm hearing you or turn the corner and expect to see you. I go to fill the dog bowls and yours remains empty. 

Scarlett walks around and calls your name. Emma kisses your picture. Reese asked daddy to bring you back for minute so she could give you one last hug and kiss. Bailey doesn't want to be alone.

You were not "just a dog" - you were part of our family for almost 11 years! You were a part of nearly Cody & I's entire relationship. It's hard to remember the time before you. We were proud of you! We love you!!

I thank God for giving you to our family. I thank Him for letting us love you and for your unconditional love in return. I thank God that you were so good with the girls and that they always had a best friend to love on. I thank God that you always gave comfort to Bailey. I thank God you stayed strong for us till the end - the girls will always remember you happy! 

I pray that you will forgive us! I pray that our decision was the right one and not premature! I pray that you know how much we love you! I pray that the girls won't forget you! I pray that goodbye is not forever!

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