Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June PreK Lesson Plans

~This post includes my June calendar~

~Bible Stories~
Elisha's Room: coloring worksheet, Woman of Shunem on pages 46-52, Room on the Roof here
God Made Summer coloring page
VBS SKY: Trust God coloring, Character coloring pages, Sky Memory Verse sheet
David & Jonathan: story, David songs

~Bible Songs~
Hillsong Kids Rainbow sing-along
Hillsong Kids Never Give Up sing-along
Hillsong Kids Free As A Bee sing-along

~Chapel Music~

These are the 2 CD we use for our chapel music. The girls listened to these same CDs in chapel when they used to go to Concorida. Honestly, I thought the cover art was silly looking and I was skeptical but the music is actually REALLY good! You can find the motions for her main songs on YouTube.

To go along with our reading of the Little Mouse, Red Ripe Strawberry & Big Hungry Bear (link to book at the bottom of this post) the girls love acting out the song 'Goin' on a Bear Hunt' from the CD Kids In Action

To here samples of the songs on this CD click here
*I actually bought this cd because this song was part of Reese's ballet recital and we loved it so much! The girls also love doing the beanie bag dance on it :)

Itsy Bitsy Spider Theme Set here & crafts herehereherehere & here, Spanish video
5 Senses Tracers here, 5 Senses Matching here, Itsy Bitsy book, Song freebie
Texture Collage see my blog post
Whisper Phones see my tutorial
Father's Day tie craft see my blog post, and photo gift idea

~Splish Splash~
Sprinkler pack & Sprinkler coloring page
Sunscreen Experiment here
Pool Time pack here & Pool coloring page
Summertime Numbers here
5 Little Ducks printable use w/ 5 Little Ducks Went Swimming 1 Day video, Hidden Ducklings picture
Flip Flop coloring/matching, Flip Flop Foot Art here
Flip Flop Matching/Sand pail subtraction/fish addition here
Sand Painting see my blog post - original idea from here
Hot and Cold Sorting here
ABC Crab Order here & Crab Handprint Art here or here

Cotton Cloud counting, Cloud experiment, My Pet Cloud idea, Cloud snack, PreWrite here, Cloud addition
Sky Parfaits (blue jello + cool whip) - see blog post
Make Binoculars here or here
Kites pack, PreWrite Kite here
Rainbow Dots here, Rainbow May I? game, Sun/Cloud/Rainbow Craft here, PreWrite here, letter assessment
God Put A Rainbow In The Sky here
Sunshine Counting here, Cloud Missing Uppercase Letters here & Lowercase here

~In the Ocean~
Jellyfish Balloon Painting here & Craft idea herehere, & here, Jellyfish lunch
Sea Subtraction here & Sea Patterns here
Shark Paper Plate craft, Shark Teeth addition, Shark sandwich
Sorting Fish here & Fish Practice Circles here
Fish Bowl craft or handprint, Fish craft idea, Fish Sun catchers, Fish addition, 1 Fish 2 Fish activities
Octopus Counting idea, Octopus Windsock here, Octopus Craft here & here, Cutting worksheet, Subtraction
Seahorse craft & Sea Graphing here, Seahorse Sorting /s/ here, Seahorse template
Sea Animal Syllables worksheet
Sing-Along here

~Summer Treats~
Popsicle pack & Popsicle Memory game
Ice Cream pack, Ordinal Scoops here, Ice Cream patterns, Count/Match game, Count Scoops, Writing paper
Ice Cube painting
Lemon Drop painting, Lemonade Stand Stick frames idea
Strawberry craftart, magnet page, Addition worksheet
Watermelon pack, Sun Catcher idea, Watermelon plates, Watermelon waffles, cookies, Addition worksheet
What Doesn't Belong? worksheet

Please take a moment to leave me a comment! I am debating whether or not these posts are worth the time & would love some feedback! Don't hesitate to check back here because I tend to go back and add in more links!


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