Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Scarlett, Scarlett, Scarlett....

Well I think Scarlett is going to be our mischievous one...

She is now BREECH!

Head with foot above her face

Here is her whole body!  *Click image to zoom in*
I labeled it so you could tell how she is laying (completely bent in half).

Since her feet are above her head that explains why I am still being kicked in the ribs. Her bottom is down pretty "low". Besides being in the WRONG position everything looks good. She's measuring 4# 1oz with a head circumference of a 33 week baby (she's 31.4). The fluid level looks great, she was very feisty during this sonogram and the sonographer kept laughing.

She still has "time" to flip back around...I'm not so sure this will be happening. I DO NOT want a cesarean section!! I will be praying she turns and doing every old wives tale I can find on how to get her to flip. I see my OB on Monday so I will ask if he performs an external cephalic version, where the OB manually turns her to head down position. Not all OBs will attempt this. It would be done once I am full term. I have another sono in 4 weeks so she needs to be head down by then or she wont be turning on her own at that point.



I guess Scarlett wants to be like her friend, Andi. :) I would love to see you practicing those old wives tales trying to get her to flip. :)

The Sweatman Family said...

Believe me--i bet I am looking pretty silly ;)