Tuesday, November 8, 2011


The girls had their hematologist appointment today. It was mainly supposed to be a follow up on Reese and we ended up squeezing Emma into the same appointment due to recent events. Reese got a finger stick CBC (and didn't even cry!!) and checked out PERFECT. We are to continue the vitamins and probiotics. 

Emma on the other hand....got the WHOLE work up Reese originally got.  He looked at her healing lesions and said without a doubt she had chicken pox. He said that her type of reaction (all extremities and no blisters on her trunk) is typical for a vaccine induced outbreak. He said her type of reaction went along the lines of an IgA deficiency and possibly even IgG deficiency as well. 

They took 30cc of blood for an immune panel, allergy panel, varicella & CBC. Emma's CBC showed she was still anemic and that's our fault because we haven't been dilligent with the iron supplements since she's been on SO many medications lately (motrin/tylenol/benadryl/clindamycin/bactorban). He completely understood and said once she is past this to re-assume the iron. He double checked her ears and they were finally clear! We should get labs back in 2-3 weeks and Emma has a follow up in 6 weeks with a repeat CBC. In the meantime, we will be starting Emma on probiotics like Reese. He also gave us instructions on Emma's eczema which consists of a baking soda bath followed by Vaseline 3x a week and a bleach bath followed by Vaseline 2x a week to prevent secondary skin infections. 

He also said if we contacted Via Cord Sibling Connection Program that he would sign the medical referral form to have Scarlett's cord blood banked for free!! 

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The Pokornys said...

Poor Emma going through all those tests. So glad everthing with Reese looks good. Are you worried about the chicken pox risk for you and Scarlett?? That's awesome that you can get Scarlett's cord blood banked for free!!