Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Scarlett is....

HEAD DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today we had our sonogram I just knew they were going to confirm she was still breech (was as of last week) and the moment she put the ultrasound to my lower belly and I saw head I said "is that head?!?!?!" ... which of course I knew it was but was in complete shock =)

So I am not sure what actually got her to flip (prayer, the breech tilts, cold/warm packs, music, flashlights, or the chiropractor) but she did and that is all that matters!!!!!

She had great breathing movements (they practice breathing even before delivery). She is measuring 6# 12oz today and her head circumference was 37-38 weeks (I'm 35.4 weeks). Reese only weighed 6.10 at delivery and Emma weighed 7.0 at delivery. So if this sono is even close to being accurate...Scarlett will be our biggest baby! Her 2 vessel cord is not slowing her down one bit!!! I don't even have to go back to the perinatologist anymore!

Our prayers have been answered!!

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Anonymous said...

God is AWESOME. I will pray she keeps her happy healthy booty facing the right way. See you soon