Saturday, November 5, 2011

32 Weeks!!

Finally 32 weeks! 
This is another milestone I like to get to in pregnancy. It's weird to think that in just 2 weeks if I kick into preterm labor that they won't stop it. Of course we are aiming for a nice full term baby :) I really do think Scarlett will be our biggest baby so far even though she has a 2 vessel cord. I REALLY hope she decides to flip back head down. She has been moving ALL over the place so maybe she will figure it out on her own ;)

32 Weeks with Scarlett

32 Weeks with Emma

32 Weeks with Reese

I see my OB on Monday and will ask about an external version IF it comes down to it and have a discussion about my potential risks if Emma has the chicken pox. I was informed yesterday that I am NOT immune from the chicken pox. Here is some information about chicken pox in pregnancy.

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