Monday, November 21, 2011

34.2 Week Appointment

This morning was my routine OB appointment. I gained 1# since my last visit 2 weeks ago which he seemed happy about. My B/P was 106/70. He measured my stomach and said she is a "grower"... he thinks she will be a big one! I asked him to fell on my stomach to see if she was head down yet and nope...she is still breech. I have made an appointment for next Monday for a Webster technique certified chiropractor to help realign my hips to help get her to flip. I have a sono next Wednesday and I PRAYING that she is head down by then! I go back to my OB in 2 weeks, then it will be weekly till I deliver.


The Pokornys said...

Hope Little Miss starts cooperating soon! Is there any chance she could turn during labor or will you just have a planned c-section?

The Sweatman Family said...

There is still a chance she can turn but I'm not optimystic at this point. I will have an external version performed once I'm full term to try and flip her. I don't want a cesarean section!