Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby Doll Diapers

What do I do when everyone is healthy....

Make baby doll diapers of course!!

I've been itching to sew another project and this one was SO easy!!! I plan to make many more :) I found the tutorial here

I can't wait to show Reese these (here previous doll diaper has lost all of its adhesive). 


The Pokornys said...

Adorable!! I really want to learn how to sew. What kind of sewing machine did you get? Also, do you know an good tutorials/websites on how to make your own baby headbands/bows??

MKillion said...

Great idea, I've been wanting to make Big Baby (Natalie's doll) some diapers, but didn't know exactly how! Love your ideas and energy!!!!!!!